SIGMA 105mm f/2.8 EX DG OS HSM Macro lens

Rain, bad weather, a somber mood and yet there’s an unbounded enthusiasm to take photos?
That’s how I was feeling a couple of days ago, so I decided spontaneously to visit the Butterfly House once again!
This time I brought my  SIGMA 105 f/2.8 EX DG OS HSM Macro lens, because for me,  it is the perfect choice for taking pictures of insects.



What you will notice at first sight when holding the lens is its excellent handling. Let’s first take a look at the specifics of the lens, it’s got a very good lens speed of 2.8 and a close-focus limit of 31cm. The lens is perfectly suitable for insect photography as well as for sports and wildlife photography. Because of its focal length, however, it’s also perfectly useful for portrait photography!


I can’t say a lot more about this lens, besides of that I’m very satisfied with it.
It is an excellent macro lens and with a 105mm focal length you also get the ideal distance for taking pictures of insects. You can move quietly without scaring them away. So it’s great fun working with it. I’ve taken many photos with a fully open aperture (f2.8) and I’m very happy with the sharpness. You’ll get the optimal image quality with an approximate aperture of 4. What I like most about this lens is the astonishing lower depth of field that you can achieve with it.
The so-called bokeh is very nice and makes the images look fabulous. The auto-focus, which causes certain problems with many lenses, also worked out fine except for some small exceptions. As a little side remark, I’ve taken these pictures with the Canon 5D MarkIII.
So this particular lens is a good investment for everyone interested in macro (but also in portrait, wildlife or sports) photography! 🙂







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