Last breakfast of the year

Hey guys,

In some articles I’ve taken you along to an island which has surprised me with its spectacular natural wonders every new day. With all its breathtaking waterfalls, beautifully located hotspots in the middle of nature, magical vistas and colorful dreamy little fishing villages there was nothing more I could desire. Today, however, I’d like to take you to another little highlight of my trip. To put it simple, I’ll show you something to enjoy. Welcome to the world’s most delicious Icelandic breakfast – for my taste, at least!

I took my pictures with my Sony Alpha 7 RII and my favorite all-round lens, the Sigma 24-70mm F2.8 DG OS HSM Art (used with an MC-11 converter).

And with an integrated open aperture of 2.8 it’s also very intense for a lens that comes with several focal lengths. The smallest aperture is 22. The sharpness of this lens will also fully satisfy your needs with an open aperture. And those of you who visit this site every once in a while know that this is the number one feature for me.

At 38 cm the closest focusing limit of this lens is within a normal range. Weighing 790g, the lens isn’t very light, but still it’s compact enough to take it along without carrying too much. So in my eyes in terms of quality it’s a perfect companion for all sorts of adventures.

Every now and then one can spot vignetting in the images since the pictures were fairly bright and the dark margins came out more strongly (in the far-angle area even a bit more clearly). In the image post-editing process though, it was very easy to remove these errors with the right software. For this I prefer using Lightroom. With the lens correction feature it’s possible to remove projection errors or less detailed spots with just one single click.

I wish you all a Happy New Year and I hope you’ve had a great New Year’s Eve with your loved ones. It’s best to start New Year’s Day and 2019 with some nice breakfast.

All the best!

Last breakfast of the year

Last breakfast of the year

Last breakfast of the year

Last breakfast of the year

Last breakfast of the year

Last breakfast of the year

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