XXL graffiti with a message: Saype

I consider the art of graffiti quite impressive. On every walk through the city I keep searching for new works of art and I always keep wondering how the artists, while creating their huge pieces, still manage to keep an overview.

One person who, when it comes to dimension, even went a step further is graffiti artist Saype. Fascinated by the “existential questions of life”, he often focuses in his works on issues concerning mankind and our future in particular. He considers his graffiti art to be a way to share his vision of our world. He aims to inspire the observer to think about nature, our spirit and the awareness of our place on earth and in the society.

By now his XXL works have become his trademark. It’s very important for him not to harm nature on which his works leave traces. Therefore he exclusively uses environmentally friendly and 100% biodegradable color.

During the creation process of his over-dimensional pieces of art he proof-checks his work with the help of drone cameras. On the screen next to him he can always watch the progress of his work and spot errors immediately.

His grass/land art works aren’t only impressive because of their unbelievable size. Saype’s graffiti are wonderful and incredibly detailed. The children he often portrays, although he mostly paints them in black and white, look so real that you have to take a second look. His series titled “What Legacy?”, “Ecology as a tradition” or “Present by Future” are also an efficient way to make people once again aware of the essential things and most urgent issues of our time.

You can find more about Saype and his art here: https://www.saype-artiste.com/light-more-light as well as on his Instagram and Facebook accounts.

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