The Petzval lense

Hello everybody,

today I’m going to take you a step back into the history of photography.

This blogpost is all about Josef Maximilian Petzval! Some of you might have heard his name already. His  most famous invention is the Petzval lens. He designed it in 1840, for a while it was quite popular and pretty well known but then vanished into oblivion.

The  Petzval lense has quite a unique feature. It creates an extaordinary bokeh. The bokeh shapes don’t appear in the form of circles , like they usually do, but arise in exceptional distortions.  As you can see for yourselves in the pictures below.


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2016 Environmental Photo Festival „horizonte zingst“


Coming very soon! From May 28 to June 05 2016 the annual Environmental Photo Festival „horizonte“ will take place for the eighth time at the idyllic Baltic Sea resort of Zingst. The event that lasts for ten days becomes a meeting point for photographers from all around the world and offers quite a lot: from photo workshops, multi-vision shows, diverse exciting photo exhibitions to popular and wonderful image shows in the evening, where the highlights of the day are captured in photographs and presented on screens by the sea. Beyond that, you can show your talent at numerous photo events, such as shows with birds of prey, or browse the photo market on the last weekend of the festival, or get informed on news.


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Helmut Newton

Hello my dear,

It’s me, Tamara! Today I’d like to show you a photographer, who many of you certainly know already. He’s one of the really big ones and sooner or later everyone interested in photography stumbles upon his name with excitement:  Helmut Newton!


He was born in Berlin in 1920 and died at the age of 84 in Los Angeles. Born as the son of a wealthy Jewish family owning a button factory he went to a “Gymnasium”. Already at his young age he turned to photography and soon left school.

He started an apprenticeship as a photographer and became one of the world’s most famous photographers, despite numerous setbacks like being banned from the profession or dismissals.

From 1956 onwards Hemut Newton worked for the Australian edition of the Vogue. Gradually, also other editions of the Vogue engaged him (i.e. the French, Italian, American and German edition). Likewise, many other fashion magazines couldn’t get enough from him. Since the 1970s Newton was one of the most demanded and most expensive fashion, advertising, portrait and nude photographer worldwide.

Hemut Newton took his photographs on analog medium and in black and white. His fantastic compositions and the interaction of lightness and darkness in his pictures makes them and himself exceptional. But see for yourselves:


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In the country with the SIGMA 70-200mm lens

Hey guys,

Today it was time again for another photo walk. It was mainly cloudy but very bright, actually quite perfect for what I had in mind! All those of you who’ve been outside with their cameras on a cloudy day know that then the light is especially soft and beautiful. I like the effect of the images created in such an atmosphere a lot. Besides all this, taking pictures with such weather is very easy as you won’t have to keep in mind the position of the sun or the shadows, respectively.


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Test: SIGMA 70-200mm F2,8 EX DG OS HSM

Hey guys,

I’ve decided to take a closer look at a rather old lens once again: the SIGMA 70-200mm F2.8 EX DG OS HSM. This lens is particularly useful for portrait, documentary but also for wildlife photography as well as for concerts and astrophotography.


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Kaltblut Magazine


Today there is another tip for a wonderful page-turner – the Kaltblut Magazine. Just like iGNANT, who you maybe read about in one of the last blog articles, this artistic gemstone comes out of the hip city of Berlin.

According to their own description, Kaltblut stands for a symbiosis of culture, photography, fashion, music and media. The topic of each edition offers artists a platform to present their personal interpretations and their own view on the respective topic.

For me a great source of inspiration aren’t only the articles and interviews themselves, but especially the photos and photo series, which are printed in this magazine. They are creative, varied, offer wonderful colours – and of course: unbelievable coolness.


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News from SIGMA for fans of macro photography

The new all-rounder by SIGMA, the 18-300mm F3,5-6,3 DC Macro OS HSM lens of the Contemporary series was presented on the SIGMA website as lens of the month. To revamp it even a little more, the macro lens AML 72-01 was specially developed.


For those of you, who don’t want to spare macro possibilities in a universal lens this means that you gain a higher magnification factor with the macro lens. Nonetheless, the pictures don’t lose any of their quality according to the manufacturer. Without the AML 72-01 the closest focusing distance of the lens lies at 39 centimetres. The working distance is 14 centimetres and the largest possible magnification ratio of 1:3, similar to macro lenses. With the AML 72-01 the magnification ratio rises to 1:2. Furthermore, by zoom-macro photography the viewing angle can still be changed – the creation of close-up images is possible by turning of the zoom ring. What is more, on it the maximum magnification ratio for the respective focal length is marked, so you can always comprehend the magnification of the photographed subject.

The cost of this exclusive macro lens lies at 69€, which certainly is worth a thought for all owners of the general lens.

Social Media Updates:

In the past few weeks there were a few useful and interesting updates and innovations concerning some important social media providers. I’d like to briefly show which new features we can use now!:)


From now on it’s not only possible to simply write on this platform, but also to write in bold and italics. It’s really easy: If you write a word between two underscores it will show as italics, if you put it between two asterisks it is written in bold. I don’t know what you think about it, but I think it’s pretty cool!


As a devoted photography-fan, Instagram is of course my favorite Social Media Plattform. Next to finding creative inspirations for photos, I also love using Instagram to discover new restaurants.
Simply search for food using the geo-filter and find the right restaurant through the many awesome pictures of food.

Of course, this doesn’t only work for restaurants but also for boutiques and other things J


I don’t use this platform myself, but it’s growing a lot in the last few month and it’s definitely gaining importance. Certainly, there are many new things on here as well. Since lately you can send “Stickers” via Snapchat. You only need to type in a term into the chat window and then you’ll see many different funny pictures/illustrations, which you can immediately share with your friends. Additionally, you can assign your friends your own emojis. Funny idea!

Much love,