Copyright suit Art Dragulis v. Kappa Map Group illustrates why one should be careful with CC licenses


As reported on, photographer Art Dragulis lost a lawsuit against an enterprise that used one of his pictures for commercial purposes without prior permission.


© Art Dragulis

As a photographer you must be wondering how this could happen. However, an outcry in the photo community would be inappropriate because this is a clear case of “your own fault”. In 2008, Dragulis uploaded the concerning image on Flickr under the Creative Commons BY-SA-2.0 license. By doing so, he voluntarily renounced almost all his copyrights as the creator of the photograph. An image published under this particular license may be copied, distributed and modified in every possible way by a third party and may even be used for commercial purposes as long as the creator is mentioned.


Image source: Kappa Map Group

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A new prime lens in my photo bag :)


Once again, a new prime lens has made its way into my photo bag. :) This time it’s a Sigma 24mm f./1.4 Art lens which on a camera with an APS-C sensor is the equivalent of the 35mm focal length on FF, which is quite well suited for general shooting. I immediately attached it onto my SD1 Merrill and took it along on a photo tour. As it was cloudy and the colors turned out rather pale, I converted all of the images into black and white.

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Dennis Fast reveals the lovely side of polar bears


Polar bears are often portrayed as solitary animals that feel at home on the seemingly endless surface of the Arctic sea ice, or as dangerous predators which are even able to defy adult walruses. However, as nature and wildlife photographer Dennis Fast shows in his latest photo series, there’s a soft heart under the thick, white fur. :)

Polar Bear (Ursa maritimus) in fireweed (Epilobium angustifolium

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‘Modulo Camera’: researchers at the MIT are developing the HDR sensor


It is already the second time in the last month that scientists at the MIT have presented a new technology that might be able to make the life of every single photographer a lot easier. Less than two weeks ago a different team at the renowned university in Cambridge introduced an algorithm developed in cooperation with Google which can remove reflections and other annoying foreground elements from a photo. A few days ago the concept for a sensor with an unlimited Full-Well capacity was introduced. In simple terms, this is a sensor which makes overexposing an image impossible.


Image source: MIT

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Is the heat getting to you as well?


Since this heat has really been getting to me recently, I have only gone taking pictures rather sporadically. In the last weeks it was too hot and too muggy, even late in the afternoon, to go on longer photo tours. It wasn’t even a whole lot of fun when I was just taking the DP3M or the DP2Q and did not have to carry much. This is why I was mostly taking pictures in the immediate vicinity so that I could always go home and cool down with a beer. Which is why you will probably recognise most of the subjects. :)

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Terra Flamma: Stuart Palley’s impressive photos of forest fires in California


In order to create photos with high recognition value one has to photograph either new subjects or known subjects in a new way. This is how the photograph Stuart Palley, who lives in Los Angeles, approaches his favourite subject, the forest fires that rage in South California every year. What he does differently than his colleagues who come from the documentary or journalism side and who put the focus on the fire fighters and their efforts to extinguish the fire, is that Palley makes the catastrophe itself the centre of his photos. As you can see below, what is special about Palley’s series Terra Flamma are the long exposure times, which allow him to catch the sublime beauty of forest fires at the same time as their incredible powers of destruction. :)


© Stuart Palley

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CLERA: Anton Orlov makes the dream of a transparent camera come true


Being able to look inside the camera while it is taking pictures is the dream of many photographers. The Russian-born US-American photographer Anton Orlov has now made this dream come true – with a fully-functioning, transparent camera. You are probably asking yourselves now how this is possible. Well, CLERA (short for “clear camera”) is an analogue camera with a case made of red polycarbonate. It utilises the collodium process and certain kinds of black-and-white photographic papers which are only sensitive in the wavelength range from blue to UV.


© Anton Orlov

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Sigma News & Rumors: rumours are flying thick and fast


Usually, this is how the rumor mill works: the rumor mill churns out some shreds of information about a highly coveted piece of photo equipment and the “hype-train” starts rolling. Not so with the newest rumors that Sigma Rumors has picked up. According to a source – which supplied the aforementioned rumor site in the past with information on the 24/1.4 Art and turned out to be extremely trustworthy – neither a 24-70mm f/2.8 OS Art nor a 70-200 f/2.8 OS Art will be released in the immediate future or medium-term. Instead, Sigma is said to be working on more prime lenses.


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Earth view: a curated collection of impressive satellite pictures of Earth


Earth View is a curated collection of more than 1500 extremely impressive satellite shots of Earth that were found in Google Earth. Of course, it is obviously clear that the same beautiful pictures, or places, can be found in Google Earth as well, but who wants to search for hours if the Earth View operators make it so easy? ;) Below I have included some photos so that you can get a taste for what is waiting for you at Earth View.


Image source: Earth View

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Babies in photo bags – the newest baby photo trend after baby mugging


The newest trend amongst photographers is putting the own offspring to bed in camera bags and then taking a photo. Judging by the bags stuffed with photo equipment, this trend seems to be especially popular amongst professionals and serious hobby photographers. :)

I’ve been seeing this kind of pictures every so often for one, two years now, but recently the trend seems to have been picking up. One could call this “Baby Mugging 2.0”, just with a noticeably increased picture quality and a certain “show-off” factor. ;)


© Alessandro Della Bella
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