As always the world of photography has become calmer after the Photokina. After all big manufacturers have presented their new products and revealed the great surprises there’s now much less news to report about.  As all of you know already some new SIGMA lenses have been released on the market and of course we’re aching to test them.

In today’s news article I’d like to present some events where SIGMA will be present in the next couple of weeks. SIGMA is going to announce to the visitors of these events their latest products at the exhibitions of the photo community.

An example of an event that will take place very soon is the house fair Foto Lambertin in Cologne, Germany. It lasts from 28 Oct until 29 Oct 2016 An der Rechtschule 1 in Cologne. Lambertin belongs to the photo retailers that are very popular in this city.

The International Nature Photography Festival, organized by the Society of German Animal Photographers, takes place from 29 Oct until 30 Oct 2016 in Lünen, Germany. Besides a prestigious exhibition visitors can also enjoy a full program including a photography flea market.

SIGMA will also take part at the Fernweh Festival, which takes place from 17 Nov to 20 Nov 2016 in Erlangen, Germany. In these four days visitors are invited to join a thrilling tour around the world. They will see fascinating pictures displayed on a 12m screen and besides that they can get information on the topics outdoor, traveling and photography at more than 50 exhibition stands.

A glimpse at SIGMA’S event calendar for further information on the events, exhibits or shows is always a good hint.

Instagram is art!


The Belvedere Museum in Vienna is among the most important art museums in the world. The prestigious house owns the greatest collection of Austrian art, among which there is the world’s largest collection of paintings by Gustav Klimt.

It’s quite an honor that a prestigious house like that dedicates an exhibition to a phenomenon that is so new, so far less glamorous and still, such an influence to the contemporary photography scene. I’m talking, of course, about Instagram.
The Social Media platform has like nothing before awoken so many peoples interest in photography. If all of the 95 million photos uploaded every single day are good or do even have artistic value, is something that can be argued about. Nevertheless, fact is that Instagram moved up into the world of fine art. The exhibition “Instagram Now” that is displayed in the course of the “Eyes On – Month of photography Vienna” is also proof of that. The Belvedere museum aims to have a closer look at the phenomenon Instagram and the way it influences contemporary photography.

For me, a devoted Instagram fan, it’s a must go to.

The exhibition takes place from the 20th of October till the 30th of November 2016 at the Spitzhof of the Lower Belvedere in Vienna. Admission is free.


When leaves change their color…


The days get shorter, the leaves change their color and temperatures drop. It’s autumn – a wonderful and nice season of the year for taking pictures! The light conditions are very special and offer incredible opportunities in photography.

In the following article I’d like to list some tips and tricks for you (or me, at least) to take advantage of the autumn and to shoot some beautiful pictures.


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Interview with Kazuto Yamaki on the future of home-made SIGMA cameras

During the Photokina 2016, which took place in Cologne end of last month, SIGMA CEO Kazuto Yamaki was asked, among other things, what the future of home-made SIGMA cameras may look like.


The interviewer confronted Yamaki with the question if investing in cameras still makes any sense. The CEO of the rising company gave three reasons that speak for the big investment in manufacturing their own cameras, even though the company spends a lot of money on developing and constructing home-made Foveon sensors.


  1. For lens manufacturers producing their own cameras is extremely important as with the knowledge they gain by doing so they can build better optics. Defaults and weaknesses can thus be avoided or detected and improved.


  1. For SIGMA’s engineers the manufacturing of cameras is a great challenge which they take with a lot of passion.


  1. As you could see in the previous blog article with all the background information on SIGMA, building cameras on his own was Michihiro Yamaki’s big dream. Michihiro Yamaki was the father of Kazuto, who now follows in his footsteps as present CEO of the company and who tries walking along the same line and realizing and expanding the same dream as his father.


By the way – photo freaks in particular love SIGMA cameras. The Foveon sensor has the great advantage of extracting color information from three different layers of which each corresponds to an RGB color. As a result, each pixel contains the complete color information. This makes the camera take very good pictures under good light conditions with a lower ISO sensitivity level in particular.


You can listen to the complete interview here:





“The polar winter feeding feast“ – stunning underwater photography

After I still felt extremely cold in my warm wool coat and with my scarf, I simply had to realize that the summer has finally said good-bye for this year. However, Norwegian photographer and scientist Audun Rikardsen has proved us with his photos of whales and other Polar Sea animals how wonderful colder areas can actually be.



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Up for winter, snow and fantastic landscape pictures?


Now that the days get shorter and we have to take our warm jackets out of our closets and start drinking lots of tea again, summer is definitely over. So why not start thinking about winter already? And about the chance of winning a great weekend in a fantastic scenery to take photos for your blog?

For the cooperation “Best of Winter”, is looking for two teams of two who feel like visiting and shooting, among other things, in regions like the Alpine world of Karwendel, Eastern Tyrol, the Ammergau Alps, the Nature Park Reutte, Mallnitz in Carinthia as well as the Großarltal in the region of Salzburg.

So, attention landscape photographers – simply send three of our best photos and a short application text to and with a bit of luck you’ll win.

Fojo – Darkroom kit for smartphone photos

OK, I admit that there is definitely a difference in whether you shoot your photos with a DSLR or a Smartphone. Those who really devote themselves to photography will probably always prefer to have a “real camera” in their hands. But, no matter how much one belongs to “team DSLR”, there is no question about some advantages of a smartphone when it comes to taking pictures. It is always on hand, convenient and briskly pulled out of your pocket or purse when needed. There is no denying it, most of us, if not all of us, use their smartphones for taking pictures from time to time.
The newest invention when it comes to smartphone photography will therefore maybe delight you as much as it did me. Thanks to a team of creatives, who are working on the Fojo project for more than two years now, there is now a darkroom kit for smartphone photos.


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A flying photographer – Christiaan van Heijst



I’ve often been staring through the little window of a plane into the piles of clouds and each time I was impressed by these cotton balls flying over the colorful fields. And even more by the panorama of the snowy mountain peaks of the Alps from above. Or the sparkling lights of a city at night.

You only get a better view from one spot on the plane, from the cockpit. Many pilots can enjoy this, but only few of them can capture these impressions. One of them is becoming more and more famous by doing so. The name Christiaan van Heijst has been popping up in a number of online magazines for quite some time. He’s a Dutch pilot who’s been flying a Boeing 747-8 for a couple of years now, which, as he proudly claims, is a particularly beautiful aircraft.

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The beauty of mist

Italian photographer Lorenzo Montezemo has succeeded in taking a magnificent time exposure of the mist passing by. The mist was to move across the forests the way he’s already observed it many times. With a three-minute time exposure he managed to take this incredible photo! In a bright full moon night he climbed Mount Tamalpais in Marin County, California, and kept waiting for the perfect conditions for his shot.


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