Korea – Korea

Some time ago Korea was one country. After many years of tensions and conflicts it was divided into North Korea and South Korea in the year 1948. Since then, both countries have chosen quite contrary paths.
There’s basically been a standstill in North Korea’s development; the reporting about the country in international media is most often negative because of its tyrannical dictator, and its economy isn’t doing very well either.
South Korea is the complete opposite. Ranking among the Asian tiger states, it has experienced a cultural and an economic upswing for many years and its population lacks nothing. In 2006, photographer Dieter Leistner traveled to Pyongyang in North Korea, and few years later to Seoul. He was searching for locations and everyday life scenes that are similar in both parts of Korea, while they still show the contrast between the once unified countries quite clearly. He published his pictures in his book “Korea – Korea” which will leave you speechless when you browse it.

korea-korea-press-p032-033-1Rauchpause, Nordkorea © Dieter Leistner/Gestalten Verlag

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2016 Sony World Photography Awards

The Iranian photographer Asghar Khamseh won the price for Photographer of the year 2016 and got the $25,000 price for his portraits of acid attack victims.
On the 21st of April 2016 the world´s best Photographers were announced by the World Photography Organisation. Asghar Khamseh has won the most desired prize, the L´lris d`Or Photographer of the Year.
The Photographer was born in Teheran in 1963. In 2005 he began to take pictures for various newspapers and organizations. The winning work ‘Fire of Hatred’ is an amazing series of portraits, drawing attention to the violent act of acid throwing. His photographs show wounded people, mostly women, who had to endure tremendous agonies. The series is an outstanding artwork with the focus on the fatal human rights situation in Iran.
The winning photographs will be exhibited in London at Somerset House from 22nd April – 8th May.


Photo London

Already got plans for May? Change them!


If you like to see what London has got to offer in matters of Photography, come see the Photo London art Fair. Supported by the LUMA Foundation it will present a special program for people interested in Photography. Photo London is an international photography Fair and a week-long celebration of photography across the city.
With special events and exhibitions it reaches out from its central campus at Somerset House to museums, galleries, clubs and many more.
Tours will be curated by tour leaders, ensuring that you experience a full range of all the Fair has to offer

The main event from 19-22 May will feature 90 exhibitors and 480 artists across 4 floors of Somerset House, with access to the Fair and 8 additional commissioned exhibitions and installations included in the price of the ticket.

So if you can make it to London on this weekend don´t miss out on this event!😉


Mysterious Street Photography

As is generally known the best artists and musicians gain their success always after they died. On the 21st of April seven years ago the great Photographer Vivian Maier died and left thousands of brilliant photos.
With her series of spontaneous photographs Maier is seen as one of the forerunners of today´s Street Photography.
Her first pictures were taken with the amateur camera Kodak “Brownie” Box Camera with Tri-X-roll film type 120 in 6×9 film format. Any pedestrian, who went in front of her lense in New York in the 1950s, was captured in black and white.
She never published any of her pictures herself. It was not until her death that 1200 of her undeveloped colour film rolls were auctioned and got into the public sphere. Her work can be read as a historical roman of Photography and shows the photographic development of the 20th century. Today her works can be seen in numerous exhibitions and are sold for unbelievable amounts of money.
Until the 22nd of May the Vivian Maier exhibition can be visited in Dunkers Kulturhaus, Helsingborg, Sweden and is surely worth a trip!


Self-Portrait, 1954  ©Vivian Maier

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News: A reason to be happy – News about Sigma at the CP+

In one of my previous blog articles I wrote about the CP+ Camera & Photo Imaging Show in Japan. Some particularly positive news that was presented and comes from SIGMA is its MC-11 Mount Converter which allows SIGMA “SA” and SIGMA “Canon EF” mounts on interchangeable lenses to be used on a Sony device with an E-mount. Today I’d like to write a few words about this piece of news.

The converter is of great advantage for all photographers whose equipment includes a Sony E-mount camera system, as they get provided with a greater range of good interchangeable camera lenses by SIGMA that, depending on the mount, can then also be used on other camera systems (SIGMA or Canon) without an adapter. Or in addition – now all those using second cameras with compatible interchangeable camera lenses will be able to use them on their Sony camera as well!


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News: Attention action fans! GoPro presents Omni, a 360-degree-camera.

Odyssey’s little brother, GoPro’s 360° camera that was announced in autumn 2015, was presented to the world a couple of hours ago. While Odyssey is something for professional users with a bulging wallet, you can already buy Omni for an impressive 5,000 US Dollars.

Omni is equipped with six cameras of the type Hero4 Black (4k videos with 30 images per second) which are assembled in cubic shapes, which creates a 360° view. The delivery package also contains an additional waterproof transport container, a USB hub, six microSD cards and six card readers each, a remote control as well as a tripod.

Once you’ve chosen the perfect setting for your 360° video, you put the camera on the tripod where it can record a VR image or a VR video. Finally you’ll only have to transfer the records of the six cameras on your computer and merge them with special software.

With a VR headset it seems as if you were actually at the location. This promises to be great fun!:)


The whole package! 


The new Omni

Special photos with special people

Every day Brock Elbank looks forward to checking his emails! Why’s that? He keeps waiting for messages from people with freckles who have their pictures taken by him.
When he was still living in Sydney he happened to cross the path of a 10-year-old boy on a very ordinary day. He says about this encounter, “Eddie had this incredible face that was covered with freckles, I’d never seen anything like this before.” And at that point it was all over with the photographer; he asked the boy’s dad to allow him to take his picture and thus he created his first freckle photo. That was 3 years ago and in the meantime the series consists of more than 80 pictures. And they are getting more and more as the photographer says about himself, “I’m obsessed with freckles.”

But the pictures speak for themselves! In any case I’m a big fan of this great series!:)

Fotografie/ Brock Elbank: Freckles

Josh Hardwick

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News: Canon EOS 5D Mark IV

For many years the Canon EOS 5D Mark III camera has been an absolute classic and widely used as well as popular among many photographers. For a long time we’ve been waiting for its successor and finally it’s been announced (not quite officially though, as reported on the website Canon Rumors)! The Canon EOS 5D Mark IV.

Apparently, the camera will be officially announced at the end of August/beginning of September and even be presented at the next Photokina. This event will take place from 20 to 25 September in Cologne. The official market launch is said to be starting immediately after the show.

A few words about the improvements compared to the Mark III model: The camera is supposed to record 4K videos, moreover it’s supposed to be equipped with WIFI, GPS and touchscreen features.

SIGMA 105mm f/2.8 EX DG OS HSM Macro lens

Rain, bad weather, a somber mood and yet there’s an unbounded enthusiasm to take photos?
That’s how I was feeling a couple of days ago, so I decided spontaneously to visit the Butterfly House once again!
This time I brought my  SIGMA 105 f/2.8 EX DG OS HSM Macro lens, because for me,  it is the perfect choice for taking pictures of insects.


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