Sigma 20mm/f1.4 First Impressions

Being a proud owner of the Sigma 105mm/f2.8 Macro lens, the decision to buy the Sigma 20mm/f1.4 DG HSM was some kind of a turnaround. Being an enthusiastic macro and portrait photographer I finally took this decision after a friend had returned from his vacation with exciting outdoor-pictures taken with this lens.
The ultra wide-angle lens can easily be handled by the experienced photographer with a weight of 950g and a size of 90.7 x 129.8mm.

Now, I’ve taken it with me for my first few trips and carried it with me for the whole day without my hand falling off. So, for me this is already the first reason to love it! 😉

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Apart from landscapes, this lens is created for astronomy photography. The starlit sky can be beautifully captured with the ultra wide-angle lens and you will get to see landscapes in the sky in stunning long time exposure pictures.
Due to the f 1.4 maximum aperture even indoor shots in challenging light situations are crowned with success. The manufacturer has decided to use a big double-sided aspheric lens element with a diameter of 59mm and didn’t shy away from the complicated manufacturing process.
It seems to be worth the effort: In contrast to other lenses I used in the past, the 20mm 1.4 lens shows hardly any chromatic aberration. It contains two FLD-(“F” Low Dispersion) and five SLD-glass elements (Special Low Dispersion), which minimises possible sources of error. Furthermore, you can notice progress in eliminating distortion, which is often an annoyance using wide-angle lenses. The resolution of the powerful lens is very good for high-res digital cameras and can convince with crystal-clear pictures, even in dawn light.

Overall I can only agree with the test reports of Camera 02/2016 (maximum aperture ultra wide-angle lens) and Pictures 12/2015 (test verdict “outstanding”) and I’m happy about having invested the money.

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