SIGMA NEWS – an interesting cooperation

SIGMA launches cooperation with Mainz 05

Just in time for the season start 2017/18, SIGMA launches an interesting cooperation with the soccer league Mainz 05. As an enterprise they will be the first to entitle the media sphere of the national league team.

With this cooperation SIGMA wants to position itself mainly in the sports sector. SIGMA’s General Manager Robert Kruppa explains the following in an interview: “We decided for cooperating with Mainz 05 because we want to get a stronger media location in the sports sector in Mainz and increase our market volume. Besides this we identify with the soccer club because of its grounded character and sense for sustainability.”

The core of Sigma’s sponsoring will be the positioning of one of the three product series. Besides the Contemporary and Art series there’s also Sigma’s sports series. This product series aims at capturing action in motion and mastering dynamic sports and action shots as well as wildlife photography. Sports lenses deliver a demanding optical performance and expressive strength and they also make exact shots possible. The lenses have to be quick and precise and maintain their quality standard despite great distances. Apart from sports photography they’re also perfect for nature shots.

At scheduled promotions journalists can let themselves be convinced on the spot by the quality of the equipment. The SIGMA sports series wants to prove optical quality and functionality, especially in these fast-paced fields. The photographer can still remain flexible and master demanding shooting situations.

The lenses of the sports series are perfect for capturing a soccer game and Sigma hopes to ensure a vast reach of photography-enthusiastic visitors and position itself favorably on the market.



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