From a bird’s eye view over a creative table

Flat Lay_1

Taking pictures of food with your smartphone, finding the right position for your coffee or arranging flowers nicely – that’s how you best prepare the well-known “flat lays” for taking a perfect shot from above.

So today I’d like to take you on a tour through the creation of nicely arranged flat lays. But what exactly is a “flat lay”? The English term refers to objects on a beautiful surface arranged by a certain topic, color or shape. I really enjoy combining different items and giving them my personal touch. That’s why I’ve compiled the most important aspects for you right here.

Best Practice:


The surface of flat lays is very essential for the impact of an image. You need not buy very expensive backgrounds at all, because old tiles, floor covering, wallpapers, gift wraps, curtains and tea towels can be perfectly used as well. The important thing is that the background looks soft and won’t divert your attention from the actual items.

Flat Lay_2


Lighting plays an important role in creating photos. An especially good light source is daylight near a window. In case you shoot at different times of the day, floor lamps can also be used very well.

Items and colors

The key to a good photo is the right combination of all components mentioned. The arrangement and the selection of the items and colors in particular make pictures dynamic and interesting. So the pictures should both match with their context in terms of color and tell a story as well. You can pick an object of focus and then arrange everything else in accordance with that item. Single components can also be optionally exchanged until the image looks harmonious and can be taken. Thus a story is created that compels the observer.

Flat Lay_3

Flat Lay_4


In this case less is more. When selecting your objects pay attention to not cluttering your image and keeping a good distance to your objects, because otherwise the observer’s eyes will get tired very quickly and the picture will have an uneasy impact.

Flat Lay_5

Tripod and perspective

A tripod can be very useful to frame the selected image detail and to change the items on your creative desk as you wish. If there isn’t any tripod near, you can also stand on a chair, table or something similar and shoot from a bird’s eye perspective or place your camera and use the self-timer function.

Flat Lay_6

Flat Lay_7

Flat Lay_8

Flat Lay_9

Now it’s your turn!

Who knows and perhaps you’re going to create your own “flat lays” for your company, your girlfriend or simply for your social media channels by yourself very soon? I wish you lots of fun and don’t forget: Practice makes perfect!

All the best and see you next time!


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