Maria Svarbova

Have you heard of Maria Svarbova? Until last week I hadn’t been familiar with the name of this exceptional photographer. By now, however, I’ve clicked through all her projects on her website and I’m really impressed.

Her series “Swimming Pool” drew my attention to the Slovakia-based artist who has already received countless famous awards for her photographic work. When I saw her “Swimming Pool” pictures for the first time I wasn’t sure whether she was actually taking pictures of real persons or everything was just created digitally. The female swimmers look like robots to me, somehow just too perfect, too rigid and sterile. Nevertheless they’re incredibly harmonious and wonderful to watch. The scenes seem to be staged in a fantasy world, the colors being decent and pastel colors dominating the images.

The pools serving as a shooting location were constructed in Slovakia during the socialist era. The female swimmers were shot in motion but still they look rigid and lifeless. To me it all seems a bit strange. As an observer you’re unsure whether the pictures reflect the past or the future. Socialism itself is a major topic in several of the photographer’s projects.

What’s your opinion on this photographer’s work?

By the way, you can find Maria Svarbova on Instagram and Facebook as well.


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