In the own four walls

Hello guys,

Did you ever ask yourself how you can take lovely photos or portraits at home? In this article you will find out how to find a good spot, what it takes for a good picture and which tools can be used.

Taking pictures at home is full of advantages: You are undisturbed, it doesn’t cost anything and you can take them regardless of weather conditions. The disadvantages are, that your space is limited and you don’t always find the right light.

The most important thing is to use the light conditions that you have. So open the shutters, since natural light is usually the best one to use. If the sunlight is too strong or throws shadows on your face just close the curtains, which makes the light softer and faces seem more friendly.

In the following, I want to show you three easy ways to take good portrait shots at home. This doesn’t only work with humans, it also works with products or objects.

  • Classic pictures in front of a white wall



To take those photos I used a big white sheet of paper, which can be fixed on a wall or somewhere, to use it as a background. A white wall also serves the purpose. Ideally there is a big window next to your installed white paper sheet. This ensures that your eyes look glowy. It is important for the model to not stand too close to the white background, otherwise there will be shadows. Ideally the model stands like one step away from the white wall or sheet of paper.

An aid, which is very usefull, is a reflector. If you don’t own one you can also use a piece of white carton, styrofoam or something like that. The usage of this reduces dark spots in the face such as shadows.

  • Use all the space



Another possibility to take neat photos in your room or somewhere else at home, is to use the room and its furniture as it is. Adjust the furniture nicely, clean the room and decorate it a little bit. Try to include the model into the room. So the pictures will look natural and beautiful.

In this case a reflector is also a good addition. Another possibility is to take pictures next to windows. You can use the curtains to change the lightning conditions and one of the side effects is, that the hair looks soft and glowy. You can also let the model look outside the window. In this way the model´s eyes get a beautiful sheen.

  • Get creative



Now we come to the possibility, which is most fun. You can be as creative as you want. For example you can use gift paper as a background or funny things and gadgets to be placed in the background. I used to take sheets of colorfull paper as a background for this picture and I used another sheet of paper to create winds to make the photo more original and vivid.

It’s a wrap! With those easy tips and ideas you can take pictures in your own four walls. You don’t need much of equipment and it doesn’t take much effort. Just try it!


  1. I love this! Thanks for the tips 🙂


    1. Happy you like it! 🙂 I hope they help or inspire! 😉


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