Chris de Bode – LensCulture Portrait Photo Award Winner


Photo: Chris de Bode

What makes a good portrait picture? To me portrait photography is difficult and exciting at the same time. Difficult because your own work to a high degree depends on another person and the harmony between the photographer and the person portrayed has a great impact. Even if you master your technique perfectly and have the best equipment, you won’t be very successful when there’s not much chemistry between the photography and the model.

It’s exciting for the same reasons! 😉 But beyond that, I’m fascinated by how the atmosphere during the shooting and the state of the model can have an impact on the final result, by how many different facets a model has and by how personal a portrait shooting can actually be.

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Guest contribution: Portrait photography with Verena Prinz

Hi, dear photography fans! For quite some time I’ve been following the Fotogenerell Blog and just like Tamara and Beatrice I have a great passion for photography. That’s why I was more than happy when they asked me if I wouldn’t like to write a guest commentary. Well – I simply couldn’t resist and would first like to introduce myself:

Since my early childhood, the camera has been my constant companion! On my pathways I want to capture moments by the means of photography, tell stories and leave space for some interpretation. Capturing emotions first led me to concert photography. Nowhere else can short moments be captured in such a thrilling and expressive way as in this field. In later years, my focus shifted into other directions as well, and so I freely express my creativity with photo stories, landscape and architecture photography as well as macro and portrait photography. When taking portrait photos in particular I want to shoot the persons as naturally as possible and reveal their characters. A comfortable atmosphere as well as good lighting conditions and many other things make a good portrait. For now I’d like to give you some useful tips to create amazing portraits:

For my portraits I use a Canon 5d Mark 3 and for the following images the SIGMA 150mm f/2.8 APO MACRO EX DG OS lens.


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Special photos with special people

Every day Brock Elbank looks forward to checking his emails! Why’s that? He keeps waiting for messages from people with freckles who have their pictures taken by him.
When he was still living in Sydney he happened to cross the path of a 10-year-old boy on a very ordinary day. He says about this encounter, “Eddie had this incredible face that was covered with freckles, I’d never seen anything like this before.” And at that point it was all over with the photographer; he asked the boy’s dad to allow him to take his picture and thus he created his first freckle photo. That was 3 years ago and in the meantime the series consists of more than 80 pictures. And they are getting more and more as the photographer says about himself, “I’m obsessed with freckles.”

But the pictures speak for themselves! In any case I’m a big fan of this great series! 🙂

Fotografie/ Brock Elbank: Freckles

Josh Hardwick

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Kevin Abosch – a good photographer and an even better business man


Irish photographer Kevin Abosch is known for his portraits of famous and influential people as well as for his strong business acumen. Rumors have it that he’s good friends with every CEO in Silicon Valley and that he’s able to see and take a photo of the “true face of a star”. His portraits with a black background have become a status symbol among business people in the high-tech and entertainment industries.


Self portrait by Kevin Abosch

© Kevin Abosch

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Tip: Greg Anderson’s Portraits from the National Beard and Mustache Championships 2013


Sometimes I think that portraiture is stale and boring, and that there is nothing new to be expected out of this particular photography genre. But then I stumble upon a photographer, who’s work reminds me of just how interesting portraiture can be. Because there is more than enough people, and every single one of them is different and a “strange bird” in his own way, it is not the motifs, but rather the photographer’s creativity, that represents the limiting factor. To be honest, in my view too many portrait photographers place a special focus on fashion and beauty and run things by the book, so that by now I filter out mundane portraiture automatically. And as we all know, what you do not apperceive, you cannot enjoy.


© Greg Anderson

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Portrait Photography: How Crucial is the Right Angle?


Thanks to PetaPixel, I stumbled over a short, but highly insightful and funny video. In it, a Korean girl demonstrates the importance of camera angle for portraits in 14 seconds. Whether a person is photographed from above or below can make a huge difference. A difference of roughly 10 to 30 kilos. 😉

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Portraits of the old school: Keliy Anderson-Staleys tintypes


For nine years, she has devoted herself to portrait photography by exclusively using a process almost as ancient as the art of photography itself. With her collodion iron plates (tintypes), Keliy Anderson-Staley travels around the USA, always on the look-out for interesting faces and captures them on the robust medium.


© Keliy Anderson-Staley

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