Tender heralds of spring

The first warm sun beams, the first colorful dots on the brown lawn in the park, for the first time a desire for ice-cream, enjoying your first coffee outside on the marketplace – spring is near.


And there’s no nicer season of the year for playing on your camera with the tiny, tender first blossom on the trees and on the ground. Of course a very suitable lens is one with a wide-open aperture. In my case – you can guess it – I used my precious piece, the SIGMA Art 35mm f/1.4 DG HSM.

There wasn’t a lot to discover yet in the urban park which, in terms of colors, doesn’t seem to have woken up from its winter sleep yet. But as you kept looking around more carefully you could get delighted by the first green sprouts and the first blossoms on the brown and barren trees.

Taking photos with an open-aperture and getting as close as possible to your subjects of course also means keeping the focal plane extremely low. A lot of blurring in a picture, even if intentionally, often makes nice or important details get lost. In spring, however, it highlights the tender sprouting of the plants to full blossoms when the emptiness all around is implied by some beautiful bokeh. Just give it a try – playing with the subjects is great fun right now. The SIGMA Art 35mm f/1.4 lens, by the way, has a close focus limit of 30cm. With this you can already get some great photographic proximity to your subjects if you don’t want to use a macro lens.

On the ground the first crocuses have made their way out into the light. And in general there was quite some life going on in the park. The warm afternoon sun inspired some people to relax on the benches. Children without winter clothes enjoyed sneaking to the ducks resting at the big pond while some pigeons kept searching enthusiastically for some pieces of food left by the people in the park.

The most beautiful thing about this wonderful walk in the sun was that I wasn’t even feeling cold on my way back to the subway station and that even after this long photo walk I could still feel my fingers. They didn’t seem to freeze on my camera this time.

I wish you all some sunny first days of spring, enjoy them!






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