Tip: Alexander Semenov’s wonderful underwater photos


For many years underwater photographer Alexander Semenov has been managing the diving team of the White Sea Biological Station (WSBS) – an educational and research center of Moscow State University. As the WSBS is located near the Arctic Circle, leading diving expeditions under extremely cold and harsh conditions is part of Semenov’s tasks in order to document creatures living exclusively in those ice-cold waters. The fact that his already breathtaking pictures were mainly shot in the wild makes them even more impressive. He moves only a small part of his subjects ashore to shoot them in his laboratory or in his studio, respectively.


© Alexander Semenov

semenov-2 semenov-5 semenov-8 semenov-9 semenov-11 semenov-12

© Alexander Semenov

Semenov’s team of researchers, divers, photographers and filmmakers is planning a big research trip for next year. In the course of the three-year “Aquatilis Expedition” they hope to discover many new species and present them by video streaming and on a specifically developed website to everyone interested in the underwater world. Fun fact: According to a current estimate, only 10% of all animal and plant species living under the ocean have been discovered so far.

You can find more breathtaking undersea photos on Semenov’s Flickr account.

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