A magical baby photo by Megan Rion


Photographer Megan Rion is often hired to do outdoor baby photo shoots, just like on the 20th of October, when she did a photo shoot with Connor, a one-month-old baby boy. The photoshoot was planned well. The nearby Sam Houston Jones State Park – which is very popular among photographers – was chosen as the location for the shoot. The baby was supposed to be photographed sleeping on a small haystack, surrounded with pumpkins and autumn leaves. The shot would have surely turned out outstanding either way, but what made it magical was a sudden appearance of a female deer.


© Megan Rion

Connors mom, Tiffany Gill Rogers, reacted swiftly and recorded a short video of the animal with her smartphone.

The young female deer was Maggie, who had been raised by hand and returned to the wild later on. According to Rion, Maggie is supposed to be very friendly, have an inquisitive nature and a habit of frequently showing up at and “photobombing” photo shoots. 🙂

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