News: Attention action fans! GoPro presents Omni, a 360-degree-camera.

Odyssey’s little brother, GoPro’s 360° camera that was announced in autumn 2015, was presented to the world a couple of hours ago. While Odyssey is something for professional users with a bulging wallet, you can already buy Omni for an impressive 5,000 US Dollars.

Omni is equipped with six cameras of the type Hero4 Black (4k videos with 30 images per second) which are assembled in cubic shapes, which creates a 360° view. The delivery package also contains an additional waterproof transport container, a USB hub, six microSD cards and six card readers each, a remote control as well as a tripod.

Once you’ve chosen the perfect setting for your 360° video, you put the camera on the tripod where it can record a VR image or a VR video. Finally you’ll only have to transfer the records of the six cameras on your computer and merge them with special software.

With a VR headset it seems as if you were actually at the location. This promises to be great fun! 🙂


The whole package! 


The new Omni

Special photos with special people

Every day Brock Elbank looks forward to checking his emails! Why’s that? He keeps waiting for messages from people with freckles who have their pictures taken by him.
When he was still living in Sydney he happened to cross the path of a 10-year-old boy on a very ordinary day. He says about this encounter, “Eddie had this incredible face that was covered with freckles, I’d never seen anything like this before.” And at that point it was all over with the photographer; he asked the boy’s dad to allow him to take his picture and thus he created his first freckle photo. That was 3 years ago and in the meantime the series consists of more than 80 pictures. And they are getting more and more as the photographer says about himself, “I’m obsessed with freckles.”

But the pictures speak for themselves! In any case I’m a big fan of this great series! 🙂

Fotografie/ Brock Elbank: Freckles

Josh Hardwick

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About missing spring, tropical temperatures and colorful butterflies

Finally spring arrived, but this year it took forever.
Missing sunlight and no trace of springtime in the past few weeks. That’s why I spent an afternoon in the city’s Butterfly House. Tropical temperatures, palm trees and exotic flowers everywhere.

Well equipped with my camera and the 30mm Art lens with a 1.4 aperture, I tried to hunt down the colorful beautiful winged creatures. Taking nice pictures of them didn’t turn out to be easy at all.
Again and again they landed on the flowers but they kept moving their wings so fast that I , in order to be able to  take sharp pictures I had to shorten the exposure time a lot. Another issue was that the light wasn’t that good. Very useful was, the extremely bright lens. With an open aperture I could balance the difficult photography conditions pretty well.


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Geo Magazine Community pictures

The GEO Magazine is known for its fantastic photo series and extensive cover stories. The various topics range from sciences like medicine and biology to politics and traveling.

Every month the magazine’s editorial board looks for the best reader’s images. So every month the best 20 to 25 submitted photos get published on the GEO website with a little explanation as well as technical information. The best photo of this selection is printed in the journal every month. So – who would like to give it a try?

Fotogenerell929. 01.2016 Borderland  ©Carlo. S

“The image was taken on 12/29/2015 in the Arizona desert. In order to contrast the abandoned caravan with the dark desert ground I decided to illuminate it with the headlights of my rental car. I chose a bulb exposure of 15 seconds to achieve the interesting radiant cloud formation. Nikon D750 / focal length 14 mm aperture 8 / ISO 100 / gray filters / tripod” Location: Arizona / USA

Besides of  that,  there are also photo contests on the GEO website, where you can win everything from cameras to photo equipment – so this page is certainly worth  a visit!

Review: Sigma 150-600mm f/5-6.3 DG HSM Contemporary lens


The Sigma 150-600mm f/5-6.3 DG HSM is my second Contemporary lens. Except for belonging to the same lens series as the 17-70mm f/2.8-4 DC Macro OS HSM which I also have, they hardly have anything in common. It is large and heavy like every other full frame compatible telephoto lens with an extremely long focal length.

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900mm at 1/50th of a second


As I jumped out of my bed this morning, I felt much better than the past days. Even though the weather seemed unsettled I decided to go on a photo tour. Another day on the couch, staring alternatively at the laptop and the TV, would have driven me mad. Obviously I am that kind of person that can take silence and relaxation only in small doses. 😉

It was cloudy, and the sun rarely showed her face for a few minutes. In other words, it was a typical “ISO200 to 400” winter day. As I use ISO400 rather unwillingly, the image stabilizer had to compensate another aperture stop. The shortest exposure time was 1/400s. Using 600m and 1/50s I have taken the dog picture below. Of course it is not as razor-sharp as we are used from the Foveon sensor, but the exposure time was four aperture stops longer than it should have been according to the 1/(focal length*1,5) formula for APS-C. Some twenty years ago such a freehand shot was inconceivable. It is astonishing how good cameras and lenses have become in the meantime and how much easier it is to photograph with the modern technologies.
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Attention Magnet: the Macbook Selfie Stick


For everyone who would like to attract more attention while taking selfies than it is possible with smartphones or even tablets there could be a suitable product soon: the MacBook Selfie Stick! This selfie stick is a telescopic rod of about one meter in length and with a clamp mounting at its end. In contrast to ordinary selfie sticks it enables you to mount an Apple MacBook or any other laptop and to take selfies with the integrated webcam. The following pictures show you what that will look like. 🙂

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Comparing the Sigma Photo Pro 6.3 vs. 6.3.2


I read in the dpreview forum that even pictures which were taken with older firmware-versions, will benefit from the more accurate automatic white balance and the more realistic colour rendering of Sigma Photo Pro 6.3.2. To see for myself, I developed six pictures that I took with my DP2 Quattro with SPP 6.3 and 6.3.2.

To guarantee a fair comparison, I used the same adjustments for both versions of the raw-converter: all settings in the tonal correction module were set on 0, except of sharpness, which was reduced to -0,8. Image noise reduction, both, Luma and Chroma, were deactivated and the white-balance was set to “auto” and the color mode “portrait”.

Then I imported the 12 pictures, which got exported as 16-bit-TIFFs, in Lightroom. This is where I created the following screenshot. You can find the full resolution JPEGs in the respective Flickr set.

Left: SPP 6.3; Right: SPP 6.3.2

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Dual camera zoom: Corephotonics presents a 5x zoom without moving parts


Zoom lenses are useful, but they need a complex optical formula, which means, compared to prime lenses, they are pretty big and heavy. That’s the reason why they aren’t used that often, and if, in a simpler and more basic version (with a small zoom range and/or slow speed) in smartphones and in compact cameras.

Corephotonics, an Israeli company aims to change that with its latest zoom approach. Instead of a zoom lens and a sensor there will be two camera modules, one with a wide-angle prime lens and another with a tele prime lens. An innovative software calculates the missing focal lengths between both ends of the “zoom”. The zoom lens doesn’t require any moving parts.

This approach was first demonstrated two years ago, back then with only a 3x zoom. The newest model “Hawkeye”, which was presented a few days ago at the Mobile World Congress 2016, comes with a dual 13-mp-camera, 5x zoom, improved noise performance and an enhanced optical image stabilizer. The following video by CNET gives you a little insight into this new, exciting technology.

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