An experiment with the sd Quattro

For the longest time I have used Sigma’s Art and Contemporary lenses, which as you know offer very good image quality. In the course of the year I have taken my 135mm f1.8 Art with me surprisingly often when I went out to take photos with my sd Quattro. Surprisingly because before buying it I couldn’t have imagined that I would end up using it that much. But at the start of the week I suddenly felt like shooting photos low-fi style.

I borrowed a couple of „old shards“ from a buddy of mine who is also a hobby photographer and experimented a bit. One thing is certain: note much is left of the famous Foveon sharpness if you don’t use the very best lenses the analogue era had to offer. Next week I will show you some additional photos and write a few words regarding the usability of the camera when used with manual lenses. In the meantime I would like to see whether you can guess which lenses were used to shoot these photos. Let me give you a hand: the two lenses in question are primes, one wide-angle and the other one a standard lens, made by Canon and Nikon. 😉

SD Quattro

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