fetching_tigerss – A success story on Instagram



https://www.instagram.com/p/BU303Qwl97I/Annegien has always been a creative kid. With her dad being a photographer, she quickly immersed into this world. At the age of nine she already got her first camera. At 13 she came to know and love Instagram. She gets inspired and starts taking her own pictures and publishing them. As a young teen, of course, she couldn’t afford equipment like a laptop or software like Adobe to catch up with her idols. Thus it’s even more impressive that she took her first steps with free apps on her ipod touch and then edited her images.


Very quickly many people get fascinated by her melancholic and touching self-portraits, so within four months she has already gained 100,000 followers. Today more than 900,000 people are following her pictures – and still she keeps working with apps to realize her amazing pieces of art.

Due to her success and her outreach the young artist often gets contacted by labels and big enterprises. Many of them offer their collaborations which she always rejects strongly. She wants to make art for the sake of art and hasn’t made a dime for her Instagram account. (With this outreach, it would be possible to make 10,000 Euros with just one posting.) She wants to enchant people and with paid content this kind of magic wouldn’t be the same anymore.

In 2014, Annegien published her book “Imagine.Shoot.create” where she guides her readers through the different steps on the way into a wonderful surreal photographic universe. She lifts the secret and explains step by step how pictures are created – from the first idea to the final result:

Imagine: How do we get an idea? Just take a look around and pick one of her topics – you can find inspiration everywhere.

Shoot: What should we pay attention to when taking a pic? Here you can find well-explained practical hints. Taking good pictures is not as hard as you may think.

Create: How do we edit photos step by step? Thanks to some simple apps and techniques which you can easily learn you can make your photos become fascinating works of art.

Annegiens Montage- Account: https://www.instagram.com/fetching_tigerss/?hl=de

Annegiens Fotografie- Account: https://www.instagram.com/annegien.photography/








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