The fairytale world of Kristina Makeeva

Let’s be frank: Every now and then we all need a bit of magic and kitsch. One just has to look around Instagram to notice that magical looking images of sceneries and cities are true Like magnets. One person who’s doing pretty well in this field is Kristina Makeeva. On her account on she enchants her followers with colorful and magical pictures. Many of them show Moscow. To me Moscow has always felt like a place in a fairytale. Of course, I know very well that Moscow in real has got very little to do with a fairytale, but my knowledge of this Russian metropolis is based on old Russian movies and Disney films like “Anastasia”. The blend of snow, opulent architecture and a lot of luxury makes the Moscow of my imagination a perfect fairytale setting. Kristina’s pictures add up to my idea completely. They show ballerinas in the snow, beautiful dancing girls almost floating through the city, a lot of lights, flowers and, above all, the most incredible color explosions.


Even if at first sight one notices, and many critics are likely to point out, that Photoshop plays a very important role in Kristina Makeeva’s photography, one can’t deny that she uses this tool incredibly well and satisfies the taste of many people.

Speaking for myself, I’m a big fan of the pictures that sometimes let us escape our daily routine a bit and transport us into a magical world full of color.

How about you? Do you like Kristina’s photos?


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