Finding Vivian Maier

Hey guys,

Almost two years ago I told you about a very special photographer whose entire work was only found after her death. She didn’t see any of her photos published in her lifetime. Only after she died in 2009, her 1,200 undeveloped film rolls from her estate were sold by auction and thus they became known to the public.

Her photos can be considered a historic novel of images. They show developments in our society and are significant contemporary documents. Her photos can be classified as street photography.


According to the statements of her friends, Vivian Maier was a true loner. That’s why she kept hiding herself and her artistic creations totally from the outside world.

Since these days are getting colder and darker already and we prefer to spend our evenings at home, cuddled up in front of the TV with a hot cup of tea, I’ve got another film tip for you. “Finding Vivian Maier” is the title of the Oscar-awarded documentary film made by John Maloof in 2013, which focuses on the life and work of the mysterious photographer.


John Maloof can be often seen at compulsory auctions where private estates can be purchased. An astounding discovery inspired him to make the film: a cardboard full of undeveloped film rolls and negatives, found on an attic. Some very moving snapshots come to the fore and they can keep up with the great street photographers of our times. But who was the person behind the camera lens? And why were her photos never discovered? John Maloof starts his own research…


Just take a look at the trailer, maybe this movie is something for you.

I liked it a lot, perhaps because two “obsessed” characters come together. The enthusiasm that drives Maloof to do this research, the scavenger hunt, is incredible and Vivian Maier’s photos, of course, speak for themselves.

  1. I will definitely check this out the trailer has tempted me – street work is only just starting to get my attention


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