NEWS – Where do our lenses come from?

Have you ever been wondering where the lenses in our camera bags are actually produced? I have, and that’s why I’ve started to do some research about where SIGMA products are being manufactured. During my research I came across the town Aizu in the Fukushima prefecture in the northern part of Honshu, Japan’s main island.


All SIGMA products are made in this town and then sold to customers living all around the globe. During my search on different websites I also found a nice short movie about this place of production. Of course, it’s a commercial video by SIGMA, but you still get a little idea about the production process. The video also focuses on the people manufacturing Sigma products and on their environment. Scene by scene the Aizu employees and their families as well as the wonderful nature of this region are presented. More than that, some customers and artists who passionately work with the products are shown.

If you’re also interested where our lenses actually come from, you should definitely watch this video!

The director of the video was Yuichiro Fujishiro, who was born in Tokyo in 1984. His portfolio includes some very exciting music videos and commercial spots for renowned enterprises. You can find many more of his works on his website:

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