Photo walk with the DP2 Quattro at the Japan Festival in Munich

This year once more the Japan Festival, which has been celebrated in Munich for more than 20 years, took place on July 17, attracting hundreds of visitors.
So I decided to participate and take some pictures of the fantastic cosplay costumes. In addition to the many dress-ups, the culinary delights and performances conjure up spellbinding subjects for my camera.


Before I’m going to tell you more about these oriental cultural particularities, I’d like to briefly write about an equally perfectly organized night flea market: I quickly packed up the compact DP2 Quattro camera (which easily fits into my purse, which is why I prefer it to the DSLR camera while traveling) and started striding around with friends.

As I arrived I was able to capture many details with the Foveon sensation. The system camera is a good option especially for close-ups and portraits of people standing very close as it allows capturing faces and bodies with nice bokeh and gives the images a great atmosphere even at dusk. Live music accompanied the little bargains that were displayed in a huge exhibition area. After evaluating the discoveries and the pictures of the day it was already time for bed to have enough energy for the Japan Festival.

As I arrived at the Japan Festival I had some Yakitori right away – rice with chicken and spicy sauce made of mirin, soy sauce and sugar – and Daifuku (some sort of Japanese pie made of rice flour) as a dessert all of which couldn’t escape my lens, of course. I passed lots of Manga celebrities (One Piece and Dragonball aren’t that rare anymore nowadays) and enjoyed the shows with the costume decorations. Since the weather was great, I was able to capture some great lighting ambiences with my Quattro, using the AF so I wouldn’t miss any of the beauties walking by. The simple controlling of the camera allowed spontaneous shots, even if finding a quick focal point with the dancing people turned out to be quite difficult.

By and large it was a wonderful weekend in the Bavarian capital and I’m extremely happy about the many pictures I could take with the DP2 Quattro.





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