The SIGMA Road Trip


In the summer months in particular (from March to October, to be exact) SIGMA will be traveling a lot to many events in Germany where many photography fans come together.

With their silver Air Stream caravan which the company calls its SIGMAliner you can’t miss them. The project is a great adventure because visitors can test some products there and get useful information from professional experts. You can even borrow different products for half an hour.

Last year we also attended the “horzonte Environmental Photography Festival” in Zingst as visitors. This year, unfortunately, we couldn’t participate due to a busy schedule. But this year, SIGMA was also present at the event to show a colorful variety of products to all the visiting photographers.

For all those among you who don’t want to miss the chance to visit the SIGMAliner – it’s currently been to Berlin at the “Classic Days” . This week the SIGMAliner will move on to the “Roadrunners Race 61“ , which will take place at the Aerospace Museum Finowfurt, which is about an hour away from the German capital.

Then it continues its journey to the Kitesurf Cup in Sylt  . There the SIGMAliner will stay from June 27 to July 02 before moving on to Warnemünde from July 21 to July 23 . Then it will make a stop in Sylt again from July 26 to July 30  – at the shores of the North and the Baltic Seas SIGMA seems to have a great time. Zingst will be the next stop as the Autumn of Photography  will be celebrated there. It will take place from September 29 to October 02.

The SIGMAliner and its crew will finish their long and picturesque road trip on October 21, where they will stay at the Pirmasenser Fototage  in Rheinland-Pfalz until October 22.

So there are plenty of opportunities to test your dream lens at a dream location combined with a wonderful holiday in Northern Germany.


The „horizonte zingst“ Environmental Photo Festival at the Baltic Sea

At present Tamara and I are in Zingst, an atmospheric, colorful little town at the Baltic Sea. As you may already know, the “horizonte zingst” Environmental Photo Festival is taking place here from May 28 until Sunday, June 5, 2016.

On the one hand, the festival shows the beauty on Earth, on the other hand the photographs are meant to awaken love of nature and rise the awareness for environmental problems and the need for its protection.
Klaus Tiedge, curator of the Environmental Photo Festival, refers to four characteristic keywords relating to this event: “horizonte” is creative, critical, innovative and environmentally sensitive.

Nationalpark Vorpommersche Boddenlandschaft  Weststrand Darß DE-MV

Nationalpark Vorpommersche Boddenlandschaft Weststrand Darß DE-MV

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