Do you know the land where lemons grow?

…Goethe wrote in a poem. In the beginning of September I was looking for summer and traveled to the Cinque Terre region where I not only discovered a lot of nice photo subjects but also countless lemon trees. While it started to cool down back home, here the sun was burning in the sky. And wherever you walked, everywhere you’d pass by sweet-smelling tomato bushes, different kinds of Aloe Vera plants – and, finally, by lemon trees.


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Photo walk with the DP2 Quattro at the Japan Festival in Munich

This year once more the Japan Festival, which has been celebrated in Munich for more than 20 years, took place on July 17, attracting hundreds of visitors.
So I decided to participate and take some pictures of the fantastic cosplay costumes. In addition to the many dress-ups, the culinary delights and performances conjure up spellbinding subjects for my camera.


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Volte-Face: Oliver Curtis is photographing against the tide

No matter how different they are, famous monuments and touristic attractions do have one thing in common. They are always the center of attention.

As a consequence, there are countless pictures of those attractions, that all look alike. Huge crowds of people gather around those monuments, with their cameras, smartphones and selfie-sticks, all trying to take a picture. A picture, that already exists a million times.

Not so, Oliver Curtis. Although he is standing in front of the same monuments, his lens is facing in the opposite direction.


Statue of Liberty, New York City


Taj Mahal, India

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Young Professionals

Hey guys, as I already reported in one of my last articles, Beatrice and I are attending this year’s photo festival “Horizonte Zingst”. This is a renowned event where you can participate at exhibitions, workshops among other great offers. The highlight of every day is the picture projection show “Bilderflut“, but more about this another time.

Today’s topic is “Young Professionals”.

In the course of the festival ,three photography schools are selected every year, to give photographers a chance to exhibit their work. The three participating schools this year are die Graphische in Vienna (Austria), the Ladislav Sutnar Faculty of Design and Art in Pilsen (Czech Republic) and the Lette Verein in Berlin (Germany).

Each school selects five ambitious photographers to take pictures on three different subjects. The overall motto of the exhibition was “The new colorfulness of seeing things”, on which the students could realize their ideas in the course of a workshop in March, which also took place in Zingst with the assistance and help of some professors.

Besides the theme related realizations the young artists also got the chance to present their independent works.
Speaking for myself ,I liked the exhibition a lot, as the different approaches to the topics show the great diversity in photography.


Photo walk in Zingst

Hey guys,

today I’m really enjoying Zingst. Finally the sun is shining and even the wind is less strong than usual. You could almost say it’s warm.
This afternoon I decided to skip the  workshops and exhibitions and  take a stroll through this wonderful scenery.

I was enjoying the atmosphere at the beach and took some photos. The sea, the beach, the light and the numerous seagulls circling above my head –just like a dream.


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Geo Magazine Community pictures

The GEO Magazine is known for its fantastic photo series and extensive cover stories. The various topics range from sciences like medicine and biology to politics and traveling.

Every month the magazine’s editorial board looks for the best reader’s images. So every month the best 20 to 25 submitted photos get published on the GEO website with a little explanation as well as technical information. The best photo of this selection is printed in the journal every month. So – who would like to give it a try?

Fotogenerell929. 01.2016 Borderland  ©Carlo. S

“The image was taken on 12/29/2015 in the Arizona desert. In order to contrast the abandoned caravan with the dark desert ground I decided to illuminate it with the headlights of my rental car. I chose a bulb exposure of 15 seconds to achieve the interesting radiant cloud formation. Nikon D750 / focal length 14 mm aperture 8 / ISO 100 / gray filters / tripod” Location: Arizona / USA

Besides of  that,  there are also photo contests on the GEO website, where you can win everything from cameras to photo equipment – so this page is certainly worth  a visit!

Traveling pets


Have you ever heard of the Instagram hashtags #adventurecat or #adventuredog? You haven’t? Up until now, I haven’t either.   Both hashtags are booming with 17,000 and 126,000 postings.

No matter if it’s a hiking tour in the mountains or a holiday by the sea – these pets go on holidays that some people can only dream about.

For example, there is  Gandalf (ganddygram on Instagram), a white and gray Persian cat, originally from South Korea, but currently living in the United States. Over the past few months the adventurous cat has already visited nine countries  and he is all this followed by 25.0000 Instagram users.. But next to Gandalf there isalso Mack the pug (pugventurephoto on Instagram)  . His master claims that he loves hiking more than anything else, even though he isn’t a typical outdoor dog. And even if he gets tired, his master will carry him in his rucksack for a while.


© pugventurephoto


© ganddygram

Tunisia: a short travelog of my holidays (Part 2)


As I wrote in the first part, it was rather quite where I was, and it got more and more quiet towards the end of my holidays: on the fifth or sixth day the Serbian ministry for foreign affairs decided to issue a travel warning, which lead to the hotel being even more empty. From then on the few, new holidaymakers came exclusively from Russia.

This, of course, meant that bargaining and beating down prices was much easier now. Before anyone starts shouting “Scrooge”, you should know that it is totally normal for vendors in Arabian countries and Turkey to demand a ridiculously exaggerated price. Anyone buying at that price without any bargaining would be paying two or three times what the item is actually worth. If the season is really good, vendors lean towards being unrelenting in their demands, because even if one does not buy anything oneself, somebody with a full purse, an empty head and a willingness to buy is bound to come along sooner or later. 😉 If the season is going rather slow, then it is possible to get the prices down to a realistic level. This is basically the reason why I could visit the capital Tunis, the white-blue artists’ village Sidi Bou Said and the Ruins of Carthage without spending a lot of money.

To be honest, I was rather disappointed by the capital Tunis – the only differences to other large cities are the unbearable heat and the small historic centre (Médina). Maybe this was my fault for expecting an exotic flair which was nowhere to be found.

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