Berlin Wonderland


During the day there aren’t many hours left where you can sit in the sun and enjoy the daylight. At the beginning of this week, however, while strolling around Kreuzberg I found some time to shoot some photos in the evening atmosphere with my camera which was equipped with the SIGMA Art 35mm f/1.4 DG HSM on that day.

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Around the world with Instagram

If I think about it, I’m pretty glad, that I’m living in a part of the world, where there are four seasons. I love that nature changes its appearance every couple of months and most of all, I love capturing these changes on photo.

Nevertheless, I can’t help it , but I’m a child of the summer and especially now, during winter, my longing for faraway places gets stronger by the day. Whenever I can’t just hop on a plane and fly away, I click myself through the “travel hashtags” on Instagram. I know that I can’t escape my flat nor winter with that, but it always makes me feel happier and it inspires me. Today I want to show you my Travel Instagram favorites:


Kathi and Romeo are, as they describe themselves on their Instagram profile, journalists and travel blogger from Vienna. What I like about their Feed is the mix of insights into their personal life and their stunning pictures. I came across their profile looking for photos of India and since then almost every single picture left me in awe.


Photo credit: Sommertageblog – Instagram

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As always the world of photography has become calmer after the Photokina. After all big manufacturers have presented their new products and revealed the great surprises there’s now much less news to report about.  As all of you know already some new SIGMA lenses have been released on the market and of course we’re aching to test them.

In today’s news article I’d like to present some events where SIGMA will be present in the next couple of weeks. SIGMA is going to announce to the visitors of these events their latest products at the exhibitions of the photo community.

An example of an event that will take place very soon is the house fair Foto Lambertin in Cologne, Germany. It lasts from 28 Oct until 29 Oct 2016 An der Rechtschule 1 in Cologne. Lambertin belongs to the photo retailers that are very popular in this city.

The International Nature Photography Festival, organized by the Society of German Animal Photographers, takes place from 29 Oct until 30 Oct 2016 in Lünen, Germany. Besides a prestigious exhibition visitors can also enjoy a full program including a photography flea market.

SIGMA will also take part at the Fernweh Festival, which takes place from 17 Nov to 20 Nov 2016 in Erlangen, Germany. In these four days visitors are invited to join a thrilling tour around the world. They will see fascinating pictures displayed on a 12m screen and besides that they can get information on the topics outdoor, traveling and photography at more than 50 exhibition stands.

A glimpse at SIGMA’S event calendar for further information on the events, exhibits or shows is always a good hint.

The perfect travel lens

After a warm holiday season during which I enjoyed singing the praises for the SIGMA 17-50mm f/2.8 lens I thought of telling you a bit more about my experiences with it in this article.


For a number of reasons this particular lens, which by the way belongs to SIGMA’s Contemporary Series, is always in my camera bag.


  1. Quality: The quality of the SIGMA 17-50mm hasn’t disappointed me so far – with a consistent open aperture of 2.8 you will get a great depth of field and amazing bokeh without losing any sharpness in the foreground. It’s perfect for all those who like me enjoy playing with depth of field.

  1. Weight: Of course, the SIGMA 17-50mm f/2.8 does have some weight because of several elements, but you can still take it on your trips very easily. Compared to other lenses of similar quality it’s a bit more compact.

  1. Focal lengths: This aspect is extremely important for me, especially when I go traveling. I want to swap my lens as rarely as possible, as in the very moment you grab your bag to fix the right lens something nice could happen that I’d like to capture but might miss because of the lens swap. The lens has a focal length of 17-50, which means that it covers wide angles as well as normal focal lengths.

  1. Build quality: I’ve been using this lens very often for quite some time now and as I mainly take pictures when I travel, this lens has been going through a lot. However, it’s very robust and has an excellent build quality, it’s very handy and user-friendly.

  1. Price/Performance: You can already buy this lens online for about 300€, which I consider really cheap for a lens of such great quality.

However, one disadvantage of the SIGMA 17-50mm f/2.8 is that it’s only made for APSC cameras and therefore can’t be used on full frame cameras.

When traveling this lens fulfills every photographer’s need, as it is handy, compact and takes amazing pictures. I can recommend it to all those focusing like me on detailed pictures and portraits on their trips. But even the far-angle landscape photos look very nice with this lens.



Do you know the land where lemons grow?

…Goethe wrote in a poem. In the beginning of September I was looking for summer and traveled to the Cinque Terre region where I not only discovered a lot of nice photo subjects but also countless lemon trees. While it started to cool down back home, here the sun was burning in the sky. And wherever you walked, everywhere you’d pass by sweet-smelling tomato bushes, different kinds of Aloe Vera plants – and, finally, by lemon trees.


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Photo walk with the DP2 Quattro at the Japan Festival in Munich

This year once more the Japan Festival, which has been celebrated in Munich for more than 20 years, took place on July 17, attracting hundreds of visitors.
So I decided to participate and take some pictures of the fantastic cosplay costumes. In addition to the many dress-ups, the culinary delights and performances conjure up spellbinding subjects for my camera.


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Volte-Face: Oliver Curtis is photographing against the tide

No matter how different they are, famous monuments and touristic attractions do have one thing in common. They are always the center of attention.

As a consequence, there are countless pictures of those attractions, that all look alike. Huge crowds of people gather around those monuments, with their cameras, smartphones and selfie-sticks, all trying to take a picture. A picture, that already exists a million times.

Not so, Oliver Curtis. Although he is standing in front of the same monuments, his lens is facing in the opposite direction.


Statue of Liberty, New York City


Taj Mahal, India

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Young Professionals

Hey guys, as I already reported in one of my last articles, Beatrice and I are attending this year’s photo festival “Horizonte Zingst”. This is a renowned event where you can participate at exhibitions, workshops among other great offers. The highlight of every day is the picture projection show “Bilderflut“, but more about this another time.

Today’s topic is “Young Professionals”.

In the course of the festival ,three photography schools are selected every year, to give photographers a chance to exhibit their work. The three participating schools this year are die Graphische in Vienna (Austria), the Ladislav Sutnar Faculty of Design and Art in Pilsen (Czech Republic) and the Lette Verein in Berlin (Germany).

Each school selects five ambitious photographers to take pictures on three different subjects. The overall motto of the exhibition was “The new colorfulness of seeing things”, on which the students could realize their ideas in the course of a workshop in March, which also took place in Zingst with the assistance and help of some professors.

Besides the theme related realizations the young artists also got the chance to present their independent works.
Speaking for myself ,I liked the exhibition a lot, as the different approaches to the topics show the great diversity in photography.


Photo walk in Zingst

Hey guys,

today I’m really enjoying Zingst. Finally the sun is shining and even the wind is less strong than usual. You could almost say it’s warm.
This afternoon I decided to skip the  workshops and exhibitions and  take a stroll through this wonderful scenery.

I was enjoying the atmosphere at the beach and took some photos. The sea, the beach, the light and the numerous seagulls circling above my head –just like a dream.


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