Cats of Istanbul

For me, there has to be a city trip at least once in a year!
This year it was time for Istanbul, but before I start to tell you what I liked the most about the city, how great the food tastes there, about all the great impressions and the amazing photo motifs I came across, I want to tell you something else.
Something, I enjoyed, from a photographers point of view, as much as visiting all the touristy sights.

I’m talking about CATS! 😉
I’ve never before, been in a city that inhabits more cats than Istanbul. Every single corner, every park and in all the streets, no matter how busy, you’ll find them – Istanbuls’ street cats.


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Do you pet stray animals?


Or do they disgust you? My living conditions here in Serbia and my principles don’t allow me to keep a cat or a dog. I love animals, but I have a clear conception of how they should live. They should have lots of space to roam freely and spend lots of time in the open, which is not possible if you live in a flat. In my opinion, only homeowners with sufficiently big gardens should consider keeping cats or dogs. Otherwise the animals will be wronged.

Sigma DP2 Merrill

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