Daily Overview

The experience that transforms an astronaut’s perspective of our planet Earth and mankind’s purpose and place upon it is referred to as the overview effect. The term was first used by Frank White in 1987. Astronauts, who were lucky enough to make this incredible experience, mentioned a shift of perspective related to our planet Earth and the importance of the actions of human-beings. They spoke about the emergence of a profound understanding of how valuable life and our planet really are and they mentioned a deep sense of connection and a newly discovered responsibility towards Earth and everything it offers.


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The TIME’s “Best of Space Photos 2016”


ESA/Hubble Space Telescope /NASA (TIME)

As some of you may already know, the American TIME always publishes some “best of” lists at the end of every year. I love taking a look at such lists and getting inspired by them. At least when it relates to a category which I also have access to! 😉

For example I got one or another idea from the category “best of” wildlife photos and also tried shooting photos similar to these “best of” landscape photos. One category that I, unfortunately, can’t try out is the “Best of Space Photos of 2016”.

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The Tiny Cosmos


After the video „The Lion City“, in which the tilt-shift effect has been meaningfully deployed for a change, I wouldn’t have thought to find other videos or photos that benefit from this digital image processing trick that quickly. With so many still and moving pictures I view every day, I have become tired of looking at almost any effect by now. The three worst ones, in my humble opinion, are HDR, the tilt-shift effect and this lomo- or x-pro-look with supersaturated colors and extreme contrasts and color shifts. A month after the above video, an Imgur-user turns the vast of the universe into a cosmic village by means of the tilt-shift effect. The photos look as if made from one piece, and still you have the feeling that an incomprehensibly huge galaxy could find its place in your trousers pocket. The ScienceLlama has done a good job, this idea has to be born in the first place. 🙂


Horsehead Nebula Original image & credit: NASA, ESA, and the Hubble Heritage Team (STScI/AURA). Assembly and processing by Robert Gendler. http://www.robgendlerastropics.com/HH-HST-ESO.html

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Website recommendation: Project Apollo Archive


As a hobby-photographer, you’ll often find interesting things to read or see on the internet, but hardly ever anything that leaves you flabbergasted. I was lucky enough to experience that only just today, when I came across the Project Apollo Archive page. It may be simple and tedious to navigate (tiny thumbnails, no gallery or slide-show feature…), but you’ll find photos taken during the course of all Apollo-missions and much more!


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