Frederik Buyckx

Winning the biggest photography competition in the world, this mainly means one thing: international fame, recognition and an incredible stage for one’s works. When you count among the ten photographers who are finally awarded with one of ten Sony World Photography category prizes, you know that you’ve successfully beaten thousands of other photographers worldwide. 227,595 photos were submitted this year and one of the lucky winners is 32-year-old photographer Frederik Buyckx from Belgium.


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2016 Sony World Photography Awards

The Iranian photographer Asghar Khamseh won the price for Photographer of the year 2016 and got the $25,000 price for his portraits of acid attack victims.
On the 21st of April 2016 the world´s best Photographers were announced by the World Photography Organisation. Asghar Khamseh has won the most desired prize, the L´lris d`Or Photographer of the Year.
The Photographer was born in Teheran in 1963. In 2005 he began to take pictures for various newspapers and organizations. The winning work ‘Fire of Hatred’ is an amazing series of portraits, drawing attention to the violent act of acid throwing. His photographs show wounded people, mostly women, who had to endure tremendous agonies. The series is an outstanding artwork with the focus on the fatal human rights situation in Iran.
The winning photographs will be exhibited in London at Somerset House from 22nd April – 8th May.


Wooden handles don’t sell cameras – Hasselblad shuts down design center in Italy


The astonishment of photographers was enormous, as Hasselblad presented the “Stellar” in July 2013 – a Sony RX100 with slightly modified design, included wooden handle and three times more expensive than the original one. Maybe the rebranding-strategy would have been more successful if the RX100 Mk II (introduced one month prior to that) was taken as basis for the “Stellar”, instead of the rather “outdated” Mk I.

Or perhaps not. It seems like “Blad” did not have any more success with “Lunar”, a pimped NEX-7, and “HV”, a re-labeled A99, as well. Ennoblement of mass-produced cameras in order to make them look more exclusive and way more expensive, appears like a marketing strategy contradicting common sense ;).


Image source: Hassleblad

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