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Mirrorless interchangeable lens camera by Sigma more and more likely!

Two weeks ago, I reported about an mFT-camera with interchangeable lenses that Sigma is said to be working on according to rumors on Sigma-Rumors.com. At that time, I thought it was unlikely for Sigma to commit itself to a smaller sensor-format with a potential MILC. Only Nikon 1 system cameras (that are equipped with a ...


Is Sigma Working on a mFT DP Camera with interchangeable lenses?

It is no secret that Sigma is part of the Micro-Four-Thirds-Consortium and offers lenses for the system and thus may use the mount anytime for their own cameras with mFT interchangeable lenses. According to the latest rumors, Sigma is currently working on exactly this kind of camera with a mFT Foveon sensor. It would make ...