Cool refreshments for hot summer days


What’s the secret for a nice summer evening with friends? Cool drinks in all colors and flavors.

Last time I took you along my baking procedure on a picturesque culinary tour. Today I’ll offer you some cool refreshment for hot summer days. And there’s nothing better for this than cool drinks. Fruity, fresh and cool drinks are the nicest change in summertime. Cocktails and lemonades don’t only taste great – they’ll catch your eyes when they are nicely prepared.


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Pinterest: The next big thing?


Being the fastest growing social network, Pinterest is on everyone’s lips. It has reached me too and for a few weeks now I’ve been part of this photosharing platform. I am still getting used to the user interface and the concept of “pinning“. I can tell you one thing, Pinterest is far from being „better version of Flickr “ – by the way, I prefer the presentation of pictures on Pinterest to the one on Flickr. The whole thing seems like a combination of Facebook and Flickr. I cannot tell though whether it will become the “next big thing” for photographers. In any case, there are still some bugs to be patched out.

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