A somewhat different kind of hobby for father and son


Adrian Sommeling and his son practice a hobby of a special kind. For many years Adrian has been working in the marketing industry. According to his own statement, he’s cooperated for many national and international campaigns. For some months he’s been focusing on more personal sorts of projects.

These projects combine his profession with photography and image editing and composing in particular with the free time he spends with his son. Both create extraordinary and unique scenarios. Thanks to these photos, Adrian discovered his great passion for the combination of photography and digital drawing.

I can only recommend all Photoshop fans to check out his YouTube channel on  . In his numerous videos you can still learn a lot – for instance about the topic of composing. And those of you who’d like to deepen their knowledge are advised to look at his homepage where he offers additional tutorials: http://www.adriansommeling.com/


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Zack Seckler makes you ready for summer and laugh out loud


By chance I happened to come across and got stuck with Zack Seckler . Seckler’s got humor, a lot of humor. You can notice this at first sight. And he’s got an extraordinary image style. His photos express something bizarre, something fantastic. And the colors are creamy like ice cream.

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RAW format for Photoshop Lightroom on the iPhone

Just before launching the new iPhone 7 Apple has released the new iOS 10 operating system. There were some problems with the first distribution but by now iOS 10 will have reached countless devices. Adobe took advantage of some innovative features and considerably improved Photoshop Lightroom for iOS with a new update. That’s why from now on the iPhone can produce RAW format files. Of course the editing workflow is improved by that as well.

The update can be downloaded in the Apple AppStore now.

Real or photoshopped? :-)


Like many other bloggers I did not even realize that Adobe – in celebration of the 25th birthday of Photoshop – has already published a rather amusing “Real or Photoshop” test on their website. At first glance, the challenge seems rather easy: there are 25 pictures and one has to guess whether they are authentic photos or manipulations created in Photoshop. However, as Adobe admits on their landing page, some pictures are so incredible that it is very hard to tell whether they are real or fake without resorting to pixel-peeping. The following “rooftopping” photo is a good example. What do you think – “Real or Photoshop”? 🙂

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Beauty Retouch before Photoshop: an Example from the 1930ies


In my opinion, beauty retouch getting out of hand is rightly being criticized. It distorts our perception of beauty and has a very bad influence particularly on the self-esteem of younger people. What I find irritating in this context, however, is this close relation of beauty retouch with Adobe’s image editing program Photoshop. There is talk of “evil Photoshop” – you get the impression that the tool is responsible for the result, not the person who makes use of it, and the impression is conveyed that beauty retouch has only just existed since the era of computers. That this is not true can be seen in the comparison below, depicting an unretouched and a retouched version of actress Joan Crawford’s portrait. The photo was taken as a promo image for the film Laughing Sinners in 1931 by famous Hollywood photographer George Hurrell. Subsequently, it was being edited for 6 hours in the darkroom by retoucher James Sharp.


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The first photoshopped photo


Are you familiar with the photo embedded below? It’s titled “Jennifer in Paradise” and is deemed to be the first photoshopped photo in the world. John Knoll, one of the photoshop programmers captured it 1987 when he was taking a vacation on Bora Bora with his girlfriend Jennifer. Shortly after he proposed to her. One year later Photoshop version 0.63 was released and they were in need of sample images to demonstrate the various functions of the application. John scanned the photo of Jennifer and used it from then on as a demo photo and included it with every Photoshop copy.

Jennifer in Paradise.tif ñ the first photoshopped picture Brothers Knoll sent over their original Je

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Tip: How far may image editing go?


I found a very interesting article today on kwerfeldein.de (german): “Where does image editing begin and where does it end?” The entire editorial team discusses the boundaries of image editing, the point at which harmless retouching turns into manipulation. In a time where we build our opinions from photos or assume them for certain ideals or beliefs to a degree not to be underestimated, one inevitably needs to deal with this highly intriguing topic.


Screenshot: kwerfeldein.de

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