Pictures like from the old days


All those among you who’ve been following this blog for quite some time know I’m a huge fan of antique pictures.

If I remember correctly, the retro look of Instagram filters with which you could convert your own images within few seconds into something that seemed to be from another era was the only reason why I opened an Instagram account some years ago! 😉

In the meantime the retro hype may have decreased, but speaking for myself I still like such images a lot. For this reason I came across Craig Murphy when I discovered one of his pictures by chance in my Facebook feed.

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The world in faces – by Alexander Khimushin


Faces keep fascinating me. Some time ago I already told you in an article how much emotions in portrait photography fascinate me. Human emotions can literally be read in our faces. With the exception of extremely good poker players, perhaps. And that’s exactly why I find faces especially thrilling. One and the same face can be taken a thousand times and yet you’ll never succeed in capturing it in an identical way.

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Playing with the invisible


It was these photos – soft blue tones, ice and water, the Arctic – about which I’ve recently happened to come across again. Photographs taken by a New Yorkan photographer and environmental activist called Diane Tuft . Since 1998 she’s been reporting on the beauty and fragility of our planet and environment with her camera. Before that she’d rather been focusing on multimedia.

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Zack Seckler makes you ready for summer and laugh out loud


By chance I happened to come across and got stuck with Zack Seckler . Seckler’s got humor, a lot of humor. You can notice this at first sight. And he’s got an extraordinary image style. His photos express something bizarre, something fantastic. And the colors are creamy like ice cream.

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Even in 2017 it’s time again for a SIGMA Photo Safari

Even this year SIGMA continues its tradition and raffles one participant’s ticket for a fantastic Photo Safari. There the participants will get the chance of taking unforgettable photos of diverse impressive animals in the wild every day with a high-quality lens which is rented especially for this event.

In the past few years the destinations of the photo safari were Botswana, Namibia and South Africa. In 2017 the journey will take you to the unique Masai Mara National Reserve in Kenya. Masai Mara is one of the best areas for animal observation in Africa where photographers encounter an impressive variety of wild animals such as elephants, hippos, zebras and, of course, diverse wild cats. In the reserve the participants also get the chance of learning everything about wildlife photography. SIGMA Product Manager Harald Bauer and Kenya-based photographer Andreas Knausenberger will provide them with insights into the theory and practice and the real essence in this particular field of photography.

The thing that makes this year so very special is the fact that SIGMA has decided to raffle one participant’s ticket. The winner gets the chance of taking part in the entire safari worth about 4,000 Euros. In order to participate 10 questions need to be answered correctly on the company’s website. Moreover you’ll need to upload your favorite picture in order to vote for the final winner by choosing a photo. Among all the participants the prize of a SIGMA 18-300mm F3.5-6.3 DC Macro OS HSM | Contemporary lens will also be drawn.

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When ice crystals dance

Driving home for Christmas“. Every year I listen to this song on the radio in December, I’m really looking forward to Christmas, the season of the year where I can go home to my family and find plenty of time for everyone without being stressed. Besides the sparkling Christmas tree, the sweet smell of cookies, frankincense and cinnamon and the funny, long and simply beautiful afternoons in my parents’ living room I also enjoy the silence of nature while being home. So in the past few days I went for some longer walks in the forest and through the town with the Christmas decorations.

However, as probably most of you, I kept looking in vain for the snow in the fields and on the trees.


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Sigma DP2Q vs DP2M Part 3: how noisy are the shadows?


As I have already compared the Quattro and the Merrill with regard to noise performance and highlight headroom, the only thing left to scrutinize are the shadows, particularly the noise in them. A short comment, before I start explaining my approach and analyzing the results: the comparison of the highlights has shown that the Merrill is more sensitive by 0.66 EVs than the Quattro at equal ISO value. For this reason, I exposed all photos shot with the Merrill shorter by 2/3 of a stop, to get equally bright pictures.

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Kiev before and after the recent unrest


For a while now, I have refrained from watching German TV stations, but I’m sure you have been shown plenty of Kiev-related images and videos already. Here in Serbia, the Ukrainian riots are reported permanently, one horror image after the other. And even though I try to consume as little news as possible, I don’t always succeed in zapping away, which is why clouds of smoke over Kiev and scenes of a barricaded and burning city, are indeed familiar to me. Already, I can predict that one of these pictures will win the next World Press Photo Award. Unfortunately, it won’t be the following “photoshopped” one, which I like so much due to its “anti-war-effect”.


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Panoramic photo of London – 320 gray gigapixel


A few days ago, a new record in terms of picture magnitude was set once again. A huge 320-gigapixel panoramic picture of London was made up of  48.640 individual frames by a team of photographers. No expense was spared. Four Canon EOS 7D SLR with EF 400mm f/2.8L IS II USM lenses and Extender EF 2x III teleconverters handled the staggering amount of pictures. A Celsius R920 workstation with 256GB of RAM and 16 cores  at 3.1GHz needed several weeks of numbercrunching to combine the images into the huge panorama. But is the image good or just large?

London Pano


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In Search of Inspiration: Paul Schneggenburgers “The Sleep of the Beloved”


Well before the blockbuster “Inception”, sleep has always fascinated humans. Even the ancient cultures tried to understand this phenomenon. If you believe some native tribes, it is possible to connect with supernatural beings like spirits of the ancestors or even look into the future while asleep. If you prefer scientific approach, sleep is nothing else but a sort of “defragmentation”, performed by our mind every single day. The information gathered during the day is processed, sorted out, and memorized under certain rules (long-term memory). It is certain that our consciousness is constrained in this state, but some things become clear after a good dose of sleep. The expression “to sleep on it” makes sense now, does’t it?. ;) Also our perception seems to be working at a different, mystical “frequency” in a sleep. Have you ever dreamt of someone you haven’t heard from in a long time and just to receive a call from them the next morning? But what happens to people who are very close, to lovers, while they are sleeping? Is it possible to capture this connection and express it visually? Paul Schneggenburger, the Viennese photographer, was trying to find the answer to that question in his project “The sleep of the beloved”.

Milena_Paul/ Der Liebenden Schlaf

© Paul Schneggenburger

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