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Tip: Cynthia Greig ‘Representations’

It’s been a while since I last raised the matter of illusions. Back then in October, I talked about anamorphoses and how to creatively apply them in videos. This blog article deals with an effect that I, having no knowledge of any other label, baptize the cartoon-effect. Within her photo project “Representations”, photographer Cynthia Greig ...


Video-Tip: How to creatively use Anamorphoses

Ever heard of Anamorphoses? In short, they are pictures recognisable only from a distinctive point of view, also referred to as the spitting image of three-dimensional objects. As they can be applied in highly creative manner within photography and videography in order to trigger that certain “wow effect”, they are one of the most interesting ...


Optical Illusion: Photomontage or one single Photo?

Inductive reasoning is what enables us human beings to master new and uncertain situations by making assumptions and generalisations and thus cope with the complexities of our world. Stereotyped thinking is, after all, what structures our thinking processes and what makes them quick and efficient. But it is also a feature of the human brain ...