Hasselblad Award 2017

The Hasselblad Foundation International Award in Photography is a renowned photography prize that is awarded every year for extraordinary performances. The award, which is considered to be the most significant in photography worldwide, is organized by the Hasselblad Foundation and worth about 100,000 €.

The list of award winners includes big names such as Henri Cartier-Bresson (1982), Irving Penn (1985) and Cindy Sherman (1999). This year the famous award was given to Dutch photographer Rineke Dijkstra.


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The infamous winning photo of the World Press Photo Award 2017


Burhan Ozbilici /AP /World Press Photo

Every year the Press Photo of the Year receives the World Press Photo Award. It’s not unusual that this particular award has stirred up some controversy.

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100 most influential photos of all times


Photos are important historical documents and their significance is permanently increasing. We are living in a visual world where sometimes things are only considered to be true when there’s a photo, or even better, a video as a piece of evidence.
Thanks to smartphones and their integrated cameras millions of photos are taken every day and in almost every single corner of the world. The importance of photography for this generation probably cannot be fully understood yet, but one thing’s for sure: There hasn’t been a period in history when it was possible to gain such deep insights into people’s lives and into almost every social class.

However, photos have certainly been enormously important before the rise of the smartphone industry. All of us probably know the photo taken by Kim Phúc, also known as the “Napalm Girl”. She was nine years old when Nick Ùt, a Vietnamese photographer, took a photo of her screaming in pain, escaping burnt and fully naked. It was that image that revealed the real horrors and the actual dimensions of the Vietnam War to the public.

With the “100 Photos” project “THE TIMES” aims to present a list of the 100 most influential photographs of all times and then to find and tell the stories behind these pictures. It’s pretty obvious to everyone that this isn’t an easy task at all.
How to make a selection of 100 photos among all the pictures taken over a period of 200 years?  You can read on the project website how difficult it was to create such a selection. The team had to conduct thousands of expert interviews with photographers, historians, curators and editors all over the world. Whenever it was possible friends and family members of the people portrayed in the pictures had to be contacted. You can see the final list of the 100 photos and their stories on the project website.


Red Bull Illume Image Quest

One could argue that Red Bull has its finger in every pie.  And that is somewhat true, no denying that! 😉 Even when it comes to photography, especially sports photography, Red Bull knows exactly what they are doing. With the Red Bull Illume Image Quest, they created the greatest international photography contest in the world. The focus thereby lies on action and adventure sports.

There are 11 categories to which one can submit photos. The newest category is “Mobile”, the rule for this category is, that only pictures can be submitted, that were taken with a mobile phone or tablet. The contest, which took place for the 4th time this year, saw 34.624 images taken by 5.645 photographers from 120 countries.


Photo-Credit: Lorenz Holder

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Young Professionals

Hey guys, as I already reported in one of my last articles, Beatrice and I are attending this year’s photo festival “Horizonte Zingst”. This is a renowned event where you can participate at exhibitions, workshops among other great offers. The highlight of every day is the picture projection show “Bilderflut“, but more about this another time.

Today’s topic is “Young Professionals”.

In the course of the festival ,three photography schools are selected every year, to give photographers a chance to exhibit their work. The three participating schools this year are die Graphische in Vienna (Austria), the Ladislav Sutnar Faculty of Design and Art in Pilsen (Czech Republic) and the Lette Verein in Berlin (Germany).

Each school selects five ambitious photographers to take pictures on three different subjects. The overall motto of the exhibition was “The new colorfulness of seeing things”, on which the students could realize their ideas in the course of a workshop in March, which also took place in Zingst with the assistance and help of some professors.

Besides the theme related realizations the young artists also got the chance to present their independent works.
Speaking for myself ,I liked the exhibition a lot, as the different approaches to the topics show the great diversity in photography.


News: A reason to be happy – News about Sigma at the CP+

In one of my previous blog articles I wrote about the CP+ Camera & Photo Imaging Show in Japan. Some particularly positive news that was presented and comes from SIGMA is its MC-11 Mount Converter which allows SIGMA “SA” and SIGMA “Canon EF” mounts on interchangeable lenses to be used on a Sony device with an E-mount. Today I’d like to write a few words about this piece of news.

The converter is of great advantage for all photographers whose equipment includes a Sony E-mount camera system, as they get provided with a greater range of good interchangeable camera lenses by SIGMA that, depending on the mount, can then also be used on other camera systems (SIGMA or Canon) without an adapter. Or in addition – now all those using second cameras with compatible interchangeable camera lenses will be able to use them on their Sony camera as well!


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News: Attention action fans! GoPro presents Omni, a 360-degree-camera.

Odyssey’s little brother, GoPro’s 360° camera that was announced in autumn 2015, was presented to the world a couple of hours ago. While Odyssey is something for professional users with a bulging wallet, you can already buy Omni for an impressive 5,000 US Dollars.

Omni is equipped with six cameras of the type Hero4 Black (4k videos with 30 images per second) which are assembled in cubic shapes, which creates a 360° view. The delivery package also contains an additional waterproof transport container, a USB hub, six microSD cards and six card readers each, a remote control as well as a tripod.

Once you’ve chosen the perfect setting for your 360° video, you put the camera on the tripod where it can record a VR image or a VR video. Finally you’ll only have to transfer the records of the six cameras on your computer and merge them with special software.

With a VR headset it seems as if you were actually at the location. This promises to be great fun! 🙂


The whole package! 


The new Omni


Every two years the perhaps most exciting event for technology lovers of photography takes place. Now in 2016 it’s happening again and Photokina in Cologne is about to start. There the digital progress of various different manufacturers is presented and the newest trends are announced.
The Sigma Art series has already brought about widely popular lenses, specifically the 35mm and 50mm versions, and the highly demanded 85mm/1.4 lens will most probably join the club. Likewise, the 2,8/24-70mm as an Art lens and the 2,8/70-20mm lens with sport optics are wished for. Both amateurs and professional photographers are attracted by the high value for money and the expansion of the product range will further enable the creation of superb low light shots. It is, however, not yet clear if there will also be a 28mm/2.8 lens, as it’s being discussed in some of the forums. With the 19/2.9, 30/2.9 and 60/2.8 similar lenses already exist rendering a 28mm lens somewhat unnecessary. But we will see. As a lover of Sigma I’m already very curious and I’m looking forward to the new brilliant lenses with a thrill of excitement. The creative liberties in dynamic lighting of the image are what makes the Art series so special and therefore it will certainly keep on inspiring photographers keen on trying out new things.

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News: Canon EOS 5D Mark IV

For many years the Canon EOS 5D Mark III camera has been an absolute classic and widely used as well as popular among many photographers. For a long time we’ve been waiting for its successor and finally it’s been announced (not quite officially though, as reported on the website Canon Rumors)! The Canon EOS 5D Mark IV.

Apparently, the camera will be officially announced at the end of August/beginning of September and even be presented at the next Photokina. This event will take place from 20 to 25 September in Cologne. The official market launch is said to be starting immediately after the show.

A few words about the improvements compared to the Mark III model: The camera is supposed to record 4K videos, moreover it’s supposed to be equipped with WIFI, GPS and touchscreen features.

CP+ Show in Japan


From 25 February until 28 February 2016, the CP+ show took place in Yokohama, a city in Japan about 30km from Tokyo. This is one of the most important photo shows of the year. The exhibitors are Japanese companies. At the show there are about 160 of them, whereas several are hardly known abroad.  The entrance fee for all days was 1,500 Yen, which equals about 12€. This year the CP+ took place for the seventh time in the Exhibition Center “Pacifico”, where the major attractions were presented; for the first time the show was extended to the “Osanbashi” Hall where many side events were taking place. The exhibition area covered almost all fields of photography, ranging from cameras, photo equipment and lenses to print media, studio equipment, dark room equipment, computers, printers and much more.



Pacifico Center


Before the show was opened to the public, the press teams and invited guests were allowed to visit the CP+. The companies used the “Press Time” to announce relevant news. On February 28 it was announced that 67,792 visitors had been registered during the four-day show.

The main topics of this year’s show were:

  • New photo award created! Special ZOOM joint photo exhibition celebrating the friendship between Japanese & French photo cultures!
  • New site added! PHOTO HARBOUR: Showing the fun of “creating” photo works
  • 1st CP+ 2016 Visitors’ Poll World Premiere Award
  • The 1st CP+ Used Camera Fair from classic cameras
  • Limited to Friday, Saturday, and Sunday!
  • Special exhibition by the NAOJ and events for astrophotography


Famous companies exhibiting at the CP+ were, among others, Canon, Casio, Carl Zeiss, Dell, Eizo, Epson, Nikon, Olympus, Panasonic, Polaroid and Sigma. You can find the complete list with all exhibitors as well as further information on the CP+ website.

The photo exhibits are, from a historical point of view in particular, highly interesting and valuable – such as, for example, the special exhibition Did You Know= – “Atomic Bombs Dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki” where 60 pictures were presented that had been taken in both Japanese cities in 1945 shortly after the nuclear attacks.

But there were also funny and very thrilling ones – such as, the exhibition in Gallery B:
“Discovery! The world captured by elementary school children”.

Along with the numerous exhibitions and presentations, there were also many interesting panel discussions, workshops and seminars, prizes were awarded and contests were taking place. Beyond that, there were many events suitable or even made especially for children and families, such as a “Family Photo Studio”. Because of that the target audience of the show is diverse. While during the week there are lots of experts attending, on weekends also many families enjoy visiting the CP+.