Jardin Majorelle – the Blue Garden


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today I’d like to show you some more impressions of my days in Marrakech. After the Djemaa al Fna, where you’re about to get 1000 different impressions ranging from snake charmers to mobile shops and unique odors, and the souqs, a showcase of interesting handcrafts, there’s of course a lot more to see.

Another of my true highlights was the Jardin Majorelle or the Blue Garden. It was created by French painter Jacques Majorelle in 1923. Today the artist and his art have largely been forgotten, however, his garden belongs to one of the places in town that’s worth to be visited. Another interesting detail about this magical park is the fact that it was purchased in 1947 by famous fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent and his boyfriend and business partner, Pierre Bergé.

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Springtime Macro Photography with Sigma 105mm/2.8 + Canon 70D

Taking along my Canon 70D and my beloved 105mm Art DG HSM Macro lens I went out into the green countryside to enjoy the nice weather outside. Up to now I have mainly captured impressions of food and details of the interior, but with the spring sun coming out I got inspired and motivated to closely explore the wonders of nature as well. With my camera backpack, a tripod and some SD cards I went outside.

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Refreshment after the macro-session


In Serbia, there is currently an implacable wave of heat, the forecast for Belgrade announces 38 degrees for today. What else can be done from a photographic point of view than capturing all the relentless insects that seem to enjoy the weather so much? You need to be careful, however, not to get a too large portion of the sun. You may want to regularly flee into more shady spots and take in some cold drinks. My solution is green, striped and round. After a few hours of kneeling in the blazing sun, a chilled water melon is just the right thing. 🙂

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Scanning film with a DSLR


Everyone who has ever tried to scan analog images for at least testing purposes knows how tedious and time consuming this might be. Therefore I was very excited when I have recently came upon the following articles: Why You Should Digitize Your Film Using a Camera Instead of a Scanner and How to scan films using a digital camera.


Quelle: addicted2light.com

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