Daily Overview

The experience that transforms an astronaut’s perspective of our planet Earth and mankind’s purpose and place upon it is referred to as the overview effect. The term was first used by Frank White in 1987. Astronauts, who were lucky enough to make this incredible experience, mentioned a shift of perspective related to our planet Earth and the importance of the actions of human-beings. They spoke about the emergence of a profound understanding of how valuable life and our planet really are and they mentioned a deep sense of connection and a newly discovered responsibility towards Earth and everything it offers.


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The traces of mankind…

[we] come from nature.…There is an importance to [having] a certain reverence for what nature is because we are connected to it… If we destroy nature, we destroy ourselves.” – Edward Burtynsky


Photo credit: Edward Burtynsky

When you think about how little a human-being is compared to the size of our planet it’s only hard to imagine what great impact we still have. For millennia human-beings have exploited the resources of nature. In the course of time mankind has developed more and more modern methods to reach even more resources. To achieve this new technologies and machines have been created. The number of the natural resources people need for their constantly changing lifestyle is also increasing. We keep changing our planet and leaving traces every day, even if we may not really be aware of it.

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In the country with the SIGMA 70-200mm lens

Hey guys,

Today it was time again for another photo walk. It was mainly cloudy but very bright, actually quite perfect for what I had in mind! All those of you who’ve been outside with their cameras on a cloudy day know that then the light is especially soft and beautiful. I like the effect of the images created in such an atmosphere a lot. Besides all this, taking pictures with such weather is very easy as you won’t have to keep in mind the position of the sun or the shadows, respectively.


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‘Fiction Landscapes’ – an interesting take on the photo collage topic


Los Angeles based artist J. Frede is currently working on a very interesting project: he buys old photographs at flea markets, rearranges them almost like puzzle pieces so that they form fictional landscapes, and then he frames them with specially designed picture frames. He calls this unusual style of a photo collage, which at least to me is completely new, “Fiction Landscapes“.


© J. Frede

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Small people, big landscapes: Dr. Nicholas Roemmelt’s incredible self-photos


One should think that a dentist running a private practice does not have the time to travel to remote landscapes and be seriously involved with landscape and animal photography. However, Dr. Nicholas Roemmelt, who lives in Tyrol, shows that it is indeed possible to have a challenging job as well as indulge in a time-intensive hobby. Saying that, his portfolio is no less impressive than that of many well-known professional photographers. However, it is not so much his landscapes or animals, but his incredible self-portraits, which have been going around the internet for days and which brought him to my attention. I am consciously calling these shots “self-photos” instead of “self-portraits”, as these photographs have got nothing in common with conventional self-portraits, let alone selfies.


© Nicholas Roemmelt

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A new Twist on Nude Photography: Carl Warner’s Bodyscapes


Carl Warner is anything but your typical landscape photographer. Instead of venturing outside equipped with a tripod, he creates and takes pictures of his own landscapes in his studio. His latest creations make use of the human shape in making the viewer mistake it for desert landscapes. This way, bellies and backs turn into dunes, knees and elbows into rocks. With some photos, the illusion is perfect, you need to look twice to really understand what exactly you’re looking at. 😉


© Carl Warner

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