Nature Photo Blog

32 nature photographers for 365 days a year. That’s the concept of the Nature Photo Blog and I’m most likely one of its biggest fans. It’s almost become a ritual by now: Every morning when I start my laptop or switch on my smartphone, the first thing I do is to take a look at the Nature Photo Blog or on the Facebook page of the photographers’ community.

Wonderful nature photos from 32 different perspectives, taken in 32 different ways and corners of the world, that’s exactly what I like. The best thing for me is that this often inspires me for completely new ideas and opportunities about how I can approach a subject and how similar subjects can differ from each other in the end.

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Paperboyo and his amazing paper cutouts


I’m definitely someone who is easily impressed by creative photo ideas. It amazes me how some photographers have the most unique and genius ideas and it makes me realize, how endless the possibilities are when it comes to photography.

Rich McCor, a.k.a Paperboyo, is one of those artists who recently left the biggest impression on me.

I found his Instagram profile through a friend who is a big fan of his work and I was instantly thrilled.

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Konsta Punkka – the Finnish animal whisperer


Photo: Konsta Punkka

Konsta Punkka. In our area quite an unusual name of an unusual 21-year-old guy from Finland. In journals and magazines as well as in diverse articles and online blogs he’s been celebrated as an animal whisperer with a camera and as a wildlife photographer who can look into the soul of an animal for a couple of months now. His Instagram account reflects the success of the subtle emotionality that characterizes Konsta’s wildlife pictures as it currently has 940,000 followers – a number that’s constantly growing.

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Dinara Kasko combines architecture and desserts


Architecture and desserts aren’t really two topics relating to each other at first sight. At least that’s what I’ve thought till I saw Dinara Kasko’s incredible desserts. The photos of her creations are shared all around the world, her Instagram account is booming. Some of her works may not look very appetizing in the beginning but rather nice to look at. But in her videos the artist shows you what the contents of her masterpieces actually is, making you quite hungry for some chocolate and other desserts.

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Happy End for Pumpkin the Raccoon

It’s nothing new, that animals on Instagram are a huge success. We already told you about Mack the Pug and Gandalf the cat which travel the world and bring in a lot of money for their owners while doing that. Today we want to tell you about another furry star of Instagram: Pumpkin the Raccoon.


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Around the world with Instagram

If I think about it, I’m pretty glad, that I’m living in a part of the world, where there are four seasons. I love that nature changes its appearance every couple of months and most of all, I love capturing these changes on photo.

Nevertheless, I can’t help it , but I’m a child of the summer and especially now, during winter, my longing for faraway places gets stronger by the day. Whenever I can’t just hop on a plane and fly away, I click myself through the “travel hashtags” on Instagram. I know that I can’t escape my flat nor winter with that, but it always makes me feel happier and it inspires me. Today I want to show you my Travel Instagram favorites:


Kathi and Romeo are, as they describe themselves on their Instagram profile, journalists and travel blogger from Vienna. What I like about their Feed is the mix of insights into their personal life and their stunning pictures. I came across their profile looking for photos of India and since then almost every single picture left me in awe.


Photo credit: Sommertageblog – Instagram

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Instagram is art!


The Belvedere Museum in Vienna is among the most important art museums in the world. The prestigious house owns the greatest collection of Austrian art, among which there is the world’s largest collection of paintings by Gustav Klimt.

It’s quite an honor that a prestigious house like that dedicates an exhibition to a phenomenon that is so new, so far less glamorous and still, such an influence to the contemporary photography scene. I’m talking, of course, about Instagram.
The Social Media platform has like nothing before awoken so many peoples interest in photography. If all of the 95 million photos uploaded every single day are good or do even have artistic value, is something that can be argued about. Nevertheless, fact is that Instagram moved up into the world of fine art. The exhibition “Instagram Now” that is displayed in the course of the “Eyes On – Month of photography Vienna” is also proof of that. The Belvedere museum aims to have a closer look at the phenomenon Instagram and the way it influences contemporary photography.

For me, a devoted Instagram fan, it’s a must go to.

The exhibition takes place from the 20th of October till the 30th of November 2016 at the Spitzhof of the Lower Belvedere in Vienna. Admission is free.


FacesbehindVoices – An inspiring project by an inspiring person.

An autodidact, who, instead of telling his date of birth, rather tells that he loves Spaghetti since 1977. A guy, that went to Berlin for a couple of years, just to give it a try and who is now able to pride himself with collaborations with PhaseOne and Broncolor.



Portrait of the photographer

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Social Media Updates:

In the past few weeks there were a few useful and interesting updates and innovations concerning some important social media providers. I’d like to briefly show which new features we can use now! 🙂


From now on it’s not only possible to simply write on this platform, but also to write in bold and italics. It’s really easy: If you write a word between two underscores it will show as italics, if you put it between two asterisks it is written in bold. I don’t know what you think about it, but I think it’s pretty cool!


As a devoted photography-fan, Instagram is of course my favorite Social Media Plattform. Next to finding creative inspirations for photos, I also love using Instagram to discover new restaurants.
Simply search for food using the geo-filter and find the right restaurant through the many awesome pictures of food.

Of course, this doesn’t only work for restaurants but also for boutiques and other things J


I don’t use this platform myself, but it’s growing a lot in the last few month and it’s definitely gaining importance. Certainly, there are many new things on here as well. Since lately you can send “Stickers” via Snapchat. You only need to type in a term into the chat window and then you’ll see many different funny pictures/illustrations, which you can immediately share with your friends. Additionally, you can assign your friends your own emojis. Funny idea!

Much love,


Copyright and the case Richard Prince


Have you ever heard about the controversial US American painter and photographer Richard Prince? If not, he is a well-known representative of Appropriation Art – infamous among photographers for only slightly changing the works of other artists and then literally selling them as his own.

One would think that these sorts of actions infringe on copyright law, but as can be seen by the example of the case Cariou vs Prince – which was finally settled in spring 2014, after a lengthy toing and froing – the courts do not agree on whether Prince’s works are rip-offs or individual works. Below I have included an example, in order for you to get an impression of how Prince changes other people’s works. On the left is a photo by the photographer Patrick Cariou like it was printed in his photo-book Yes, Rasta in 2000; on the right is the changed version by Prince. I think it is blatantly obvious why Cariou sued Prince in 2009.



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