Martin Stranka and the rescued animals

Martin 1

I’m an animal lover from the bottom of my heart. My wish is to buy a huge parcel of land and create a home for suffering animals. I’m also a fan of animal photography.

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In Search of inspiration: Just be crazy


Days are short, there is nothing to do at work and people spend more time in their own four walls, alone or with their loved ones. When we have little to do we tend to think about all sorts of things, whether we like it or not; and the more we think, the deeper we get caught up in it. We brood over decisions, goals; whether they are possible to reach, whether we are on the right path as well as if the things we used to believe in are the ones we are still striving for.  It is human nature to think things over and over again, just to find out that there wasn’t anything to worry about in the first place; it is also our nature to always feel unsatisfied. And yet things could be so easy if we were ready to flip out once in a while ― just let the inner child out and stick out the tongue at the seriousness of life. ;)


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