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Europeana – A dream come true for every antique photography fan

I love looking at old photographs. One of my nicest childhood memories is how I was sitting on my great-grandmother’s attic with a box full of faded photographs I kept browsing through. I’ve always been fascinated by the past and the changes that have taken place since then. Very often I was running around with ...


The power of images

Photos can be a powerful tool. Both in a negative and in a positive way. Photos show reality the way it has happened, objectively and truthfully. At least that’s been the opinion of most people for a long period of time. Nowadays one has become a bit more skeptical concerning photos and videos. We know ...


SIGMA Background Check – Part 2

Hey guys! This blog article comes with another 4 thrilling facts about the company SIGMA – we already know quite well how lenses function. But what’s behind the name of the company? What made Kazuto start the enterprise? And what is the profit of the home-made cameras? Enjoy reading 🙂   SIGMA The people interested ...