Europeana – A dream come true for every antique photography fan


I love looking at old photographs. One of my nicest childhood memories is how I was sitting on my great-grandmother’s attic with a box full of faded photographs I kept browsing through.

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The power of images

Photos can be a powerful tool. Both in a negative and in a positive way. Photos show reality the way it has happened, objectively and truthfully. At least that’s been the opinion of most people for a long period of time.

Nowadays one has become a bit more skeptical concerning photos and videos. We know that professionals can manipulate and also exploit almost every detail of an image with Photoshop and other programs and we’re aware that images nowadays can also be willingly used to serve certain purposes.

However, photos can also cause something positive. They can make people think, inspire and delight them. They can also create social changes, reforms and revolutions.

One guy who has changed the situations of many people in a positive way with his pictures is Jacob Riis.


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SIGMA Background Check – Part 2

Hey guys!

This blog article comes with another 4 thrilling facts about the company SIGMA – we already know quite well how lenses function. But what’s behind the name of the company? What made Kazuto start the enterprise? And what is the profit of the home-made cameras?

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  1. SIGMA

The people interested in photography are likely to primarily associate the term SIGMA with the company. But actually Sigma is the 18th letter in the Greek alphabet (Σ, σ, at the end of the word: ς) and refers to the Latin letter “S”. In mathematics it is a symbol for summation, and it’s meant to reflect the company’s business concept. For the company SIGMA, the name is symbolic for a blend of technology, knowledge, experience and wisdom.


  1. Kazuto Yamaki and SIGMA

Kazuto claims that he was growing up with his father’s wish to take over SIGMA after his death since it was very important for him that the company remain in the family. And family is also one of the key aspects in SIGMA’s business philosophy. That’s why Kazuto first began working in the company’s manufactory as a technical engineer before he could start a management position in the company. Michihiro wanted his employees to get to know his son and vice versa so he would be accepted by the employees as the company’s new CEO.

MT5D0041.jpgKazuto Yamaki, CEO of Sigma Corporation, Photo credit. Paul Reynolds, Sigma Imaging UK

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