Lars van den Brink and his hidden object images


I hardly know anybody who wasn’t enthusiastically looking for Walter as a kid. Children (and adults like me ;)) all over the world are fans of the red- and white-striped, dressed up character with the typical bobble cap and the black glasses.

Staring for several minutes at one and the same image and still discovering something new in it – no doubt that hidden object images have a particular fascination for many people.

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Tip: Greg Anderson’s Portraits from the National Beard and Mustache Championships 2013


Sometimes I think that portraiture is stale and boring, and that there is nothing new to be expected out of this particular photography genre. But then I stumble upon a photographer, who’s work reminds me of just how interesting portraiture can be. Because there is more than enough people, and every single one of them is different and a “strange bird” in his own way, it is not the motifs, but rather the photographer’s creativity, that represents the limiting factor. To be honest, in my view too many portrait photographers place a special focus on fashion and beauty and run things by the book, so that by now I filter out mundane portraiture automatically. And as we all know, what you do not apperceive, you cannot enjoy.


© Greg Anderson

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Absurdity can be so much fun: Giuseppe Colarusso’s Improbabilità


Scarcely have I laughed as much as I did today, when I took a break from 12 to 3pm to surf the internet in order to protect my cream-cheese coloured skin. Giuseppe Colarusso‘s photos of absurd objects that will never come into existence, referred to as Improbabilità, came right on cue to put a smile on my face and so spiced up my day at the seaside. The question the photographer posed himself with this project is: what would happen if the meaningful feature of diverse objects was altered radically? Some objects would be plain useless.


© Giuseppe Colarusso

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