Cool refreshments for hot summer days


What’s the secret for a nice summer evening with friends? Cool drinks in all colors and flavors.

Last time I took you along my baking procedure on a picturesque culinary tour. Today I’ll offer you some cool refreshment for hot summer days. And there’s nothing better for this than cool drinks. Fruity, fresh and cool drinks are the nicest change in summertime. Cocktails and lemonades don’t only taste great – they’ll catch your eyes when they are nicely prepared.


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Made with love

When the week comes to an end, I feel immense anticipation for the free days, especially on hot summer days. I’m looking forward to sleeping long until the sun wakes me up, to a fresh espresso on my balcony, to the life on the streets in the morning, to swimming in the lake and to finally having time to read my new favorite book.

The most beautiful thing, however, is when you plan something special like a picnic with friends in a park in the late morning. And what can be celebrated in a better way than some fresh cake that tastes like summer?

That’s why I’ve been baking tonight. In order to let you join me and maybe also motivate you and increase your anticipation for the weekend a bit more, I’ve taken pictures of the working steps.


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The smell of cookies and a Christmas atmosphere

Only one more night and Christmas Eve is here! Who of you already has bought and wrapped the largest number of presents, baked cookies, listened to Christmas carols or simply enjoyed the atmosphere of these special days?

I certainly have – only yesterday I baked different Christmas cookies with some ambitious helpers. “Linzer Augen”, Points of Paris, vanilla crescents, ginger bread and many other specials were on our list.


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When the sun smiles Aperture 8…


…or not 🙂 If the light is good, I am fine with any aperture. Even f2.8., the widest aperture of the DP2 Merrill. And why not, if the lens is already breathtakingly sharp and free of any optical flaws even at wide open aperture? Aperture 8 should only be used if more depth of field is needed.

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Those extra winter pounds


I can’t say if it has anything to do with the cold, but I’ve been craving heavy, unhealthy food lately. Sport seems to be an abstract concept and recently comes down to walking to a shop or a restaurant where I get even more food. I’m doing fine with those extra winter pounds, growing in size and enjoying every portion of cevapcici, burek or rol-virsle. The gray sky is depressing and I simply can’t resist Serbian junk food. Therefore I am looking forward to a better weather not only because of better pictures.

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Bad weather photo subject ideas: cats and food!


I‘d love to grab my tripod and SD1 and take some photos outside, but the weather conditions and light shortage make it impossible.  The only thing I can do I guess is taking my Sigma DP2 Merrill and   using something I come across on my way to work or while shopping as a subject.  There are mainly street cats around here.  People go outside only if they need to.  And depressing weather makes some of us eat more than usual. Another photography idea…Unbenannt Continue reading