Cool refreshments for hot summer days


What’s the secret for a nice summer evening with friends? Cool drinks in all colors and flavors.

Last time I took you along my baking procedure on a picturesque culinary tour. Today I’ll offer you some cool refreshment for hot summer days. And there’s nothing better for this than cool drinks. Fruity, fresh and cool drinks are the nicest change in summertime. Cocktails and lemonades don’t only taste great – they’ll catch your eyes when they are nicely prepared.


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Made with love

When the week comes to an end, I feel immense anticipation for the free days, especially on hot summer days. I’m looking forward to sleeping long until the sun wakes me up, to a fresh espresso on my balcony, to the life on the streets in the morning, to swimming in the lake and to finally having time to read my new favorite book.

The most beautiful thing, however, is when you plan something special like a picnic with friends in a park in the late morning. And what can be celebrated in a better way than some fresh cake that tastes like summer?

That’s why I’ve been baking tonight. In order to let you join me and maybe also motivate you and increase your anticipation for the weekend a bit more, I’ve taken pictures of the working steps.


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Dinara Kasko combines architecture and desserts


Architecture and desserts aren’t really two topics relating to each other at first sight. At least that’s what I’ve thought till I saw Dinara Kasko’s incredible desserts. The photos of her creations are shared all around the world, her Instagram account is booming. Some of her works may not look very appetizing in the beginning but rather nice to look at. But in her videos the artist shows you what the contents of her masterpieces actually is, making you quite hungry for some chocolate and other desserts.

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The smell of cookies and a Christmas atmosphere

Only one more night and Christmas Eve is here! Who of you already has bought and wrapped the largest number of presents, baked cookies, listened to Christmas carols or simply enjoyed the atmosphere of these special days?

I certainly have – only yesterday I baked different Christmas cookies with some ambitious helpers. “Linzer Augen”, Points of Paris, vanilla crescents, ginger bread and many other specials were on our list.


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Review: Sigma 20mm ART F/1,4 DG HSM wide-angle lens

Belonging to the Sigma ART series, this wide-angle lens is characterized by its excellent bokeh performance.

With the 20mm Art F/1,4 DG HSM lens, Sigma managed to create an exceptional tool for astronomical pictures. This lens covers a huge focal length, while simultaneously catching big quantities of light with the aperture. High quality night sky pictures are therefore no problem with this lens.

For the affordable price of about 1050€, the processing of the camera body is of an excellent quality and it is pleasant to hold. Although, since it is loaded with technical features, it’s a bit heavier than other lenses. Its weight is about 950grams, which shouldn’t be an issue for an experienced photographer.

unbenannt (22 von 28)-min

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Careful, munchies: Food Cinemagraphs on “Buttery Planet”


As you may know, I became a fan of Cinemagraphs ever since I saw them for the first time, half a year ago. Despite GIF being an old acquaintance, for the longest time I was unaware of the enormous potential of the in IQ terms severely limited data format. Until I saw Julien Douvier‘s animated photos on the internet, I believed that, due to too low color depth, it was only useable for animated emoticons and ads. The next aha moment followed not even a month later, in the form of Romain Laurent’s funny “Loop Portraits”, which have managed to convince me entirely of the creative potential inherent to GIF data format.

As I’ve found out today, the two Frenchmen are not the only photographers who are successfully experimenting with GIFs. The Russian duo – photographer Daria Khoroshavina and cook/model Olga Kolesnikova – has devoted an entire Tumblr page to animated photos. The focus of Buttery Planet are mouth-watering dishes and drinks, as well as various cooking steps. In order to give you a foretaste of what awaits you on the page, I’ve embedded a few of the cineamagraphs down below.


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The “Banana Carver”: Stephan Brusche’s unusual, funny Food Photos


Although the greater part of his work consists of cutting fruits and drawing on fruit peels and skin, and the only reason why he takes pictures is probably to eternalize his fading works, I’m very fond of Stephan Brusche’s creations. I know, you shouldn’t play with food, but in this special case I’m willing to turn a blind eye. 😉

The Dutchman, currently living in Rotterdam, uses other fruits from time to time, but I think it’s great that he makes his works almost exclusively of bananas. For us photographers it is said that zoom lenses make lazy and uncreative. Therefore, to combat these afflictions – I would simply call it “Zoomitis” – it is often recommended to use fixed local lengths and to “zoom with your feet”. As can be seen from the following pictures and Brusche’s example, imposing restrictions on oneself can sometimes work miracles in terms of creativity.

© Stephan Brusche
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The Light Inside: fruit and vegetables illuminated from the inside


Supposedly everything began with a word game during which the word “Glühbirne” (German for light bulb) was uttered. When he heard the word and translated the literal meaning into Romanian, photographer Radu Zaciu was inspired to create a “glowing pear”. He cut out the core of the fruit and illuminated it from the inside using an energy saving bulb.


© Radu Zaciu

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Sandwich + Scanner Scanwich


Food photography has ever since been one of those photographic genres that absolutely require high-tech equipment. This may sound odd at first, but makes sense, considering the size of the billboards displaying our food every day. It should come as no surprise, then, that even in times of digital megapixel monsters, outrageously expensive medium format cameras with digi-backs are called into action in order to capture every single detail of a Big Mac. What I find especially exciting is the way creative people think out of the box and find new solutions to old problems. Graphic designer Jon Chonko entirely refrains from using his camera and instead uses a flat bed scanner for scanning sandwiches. These so-called „Scanwiches“ look like this:


© Jon Chonko

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