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The condemned live longer: according to Amazon.com Instant Film is the best-selling photo product this holiday season

Photographic film has been pronounced dead many a time in the past. A small and faithful following, however, still uses the chemical process and advocates for its preservation. The latest announcement by Amazon.com indicates that film fans are more numerous than previously assumed. According to Amazon the best-selling photo product this holiday season, in the ...


Do you still shoot film?

I haven’t thought about analog photography in a very long time. Only after it was reported four weeks ago, that some large Hollywood studios want to rescue Kodak’s motion picture film business by committing to buy fixed quantities of film in the following years, did I begin to ponder about the good old medium again. ...


Scanning film with a DSLR

Everyone who has ever tried to scan analog images for at least testing purposes knows how tedious and time consuming this might be. Therefore I was very excited when I have recently came upon the following articles: Why You Should Digitize Your Film Using a Camera Instead of a Scanner and How to scan films ...