Event tip: Watched! Surveillance Art & Photography


Surveillance, big data and the Transparent Man – keywords that have been popping up very often in the media in recent years.

They are often accompanied by articles on Facebook, Google & co who keep observing all our moves and collecting data in order to make profits in the best possible way. Names like NSA and Edward Snowden are also known to most of us and do not really make us feel that good.

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Peter Lindbergh


They claim that it was him who invented top models. That may be a bit exaggerated. However, nobody can deny that the photo taken by Peter Lindbergh showing a group of stunningly beautiful young ladies strolling through the streets of New York changed the fashion world and started a new era of top models. Because these ladies weren’t any ordinary women but Linda Evangelista, Tatjana Patitz, Cindy Crawford, Naomi Campbell and Christy Turlington. In the early 1990s this very image appeared on the cover of the British “Vogue”. Until today it’s maintained its cult status, with Peter Lindbergh ranging among the most popular photographers of our time. For decades you can find his photos in every important fashion magazine. He’s been working for a number of famous fashion houses and his pictures have become an essential part of the fashion universe.

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As always the world of photography has become calmer after the Photokina. After all big manufacturers have presented their new products and revealed the great surprises there’s now much less news to report about.  As all of you know already some new SIGMA lenses have been released on the market and of course we’re aching to test them.

In today’s news article I’d like to present some events where SIGMA will be present in the next couple of weeks. SIGMA is going to announce to the visitors of these events their latest products at the exhibitions of the photo community.

An example of an event that will take place very soon is the house fair Foto Lambertin in Cologne, Germany. It lasts from 28 Oct until 29 Oct 2016 An der Rechtschule 1 in Cologne. Lambertin belongs to the photo retailers that are very popular in this city.

The International Nature Photography Festival, organized by the Society of German Animal Photographers, takes place from 29 Oct until 30 Oct 2016 in Lünen, Germany. Besides a prestigious exhibition visitors can also enjoy a full program including a photography flea market.

SIGMA will also take part at the Fernweh Festival, which takes place from 17 Nov to 20 Nov 2016 in Erlangen, Germany. In these four days visitors are invited to join a thrilling tour around the world. They will see fascinating pictures displayed on a 12m screen and besides that they can get information on the topics outdoor, traveling and photography at more than 50 exhibition stands.

A glimpse at SIGMA’S event calendar for further information on the events, exhibits or shows is always a good hint.

Red Bull Illume Image Quest

One could argue that Red Bull has its finger in every pie.  And that is somewhat true, no denying that! 😉 Even when it comes to photography, especially sports photography, Red Bull knows exactly what they are doing. With the Red Bull Illume Image Quest, they created the greatest international photography contest in the world. The focus thereby lies on action and adventure sports.

There are 11 categories to which one can submit photos. The newest category is “Mobile”, the rule for this category is, that only pictures can be submitted, that were taken with a mobile phone or tablet. The contest, which took place for the 4th time this year, saw 34.624 images taken by 5.645 photographers from 120 countries.


Photo-Credit: Lorenz Holder

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Recommendation – “Inspiration Photography – from Makart to Klimt“

To all Viennese and Vienna lovers among you –the stunning Belvedere Palace in the Austrian capital currently houses an exhibition called “Inspiration Photography – from Makart to Klimt”. It was opened on June 17 and will last until October 30, 2016, located in the Orangerie in the Lower Belvedere.


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Event: Rencontres d’ Arles Award


Hey guys,

last week I wrote an article for you about Dronestagram. Actually I wanted to take a closer look at drone aerial photography in this blog article. This is a very interesting and diversified modern field in photography, even from a legal point of view, and there are many unknown aspects about it. However, while browsing the internet I came across something else, which is why we’ll both still have to wait a bit for my article on drone aerial photography. Since this is the perfect time now for traveling, I have a very special tip for all those who don’t have any plan yet about where to go and for all travelers who will decide spontaneously: Arles.

In Arles, France, a photo festival takes place from July 4 to September 25, 2016, that is a little different and one of the most important festivals in the world – “Les Rencontres de la Photographie d’Arles”. Its colorful, summerlike, bizarre looking upside-down photographs on the posters already make you curious and motivate you to go there and explore it on your own. You’ll be looking in vain for boredom and tiresome exhibitions, even though the festival has already existed since 1969. The highlight of the festival weeks is the “Rencontres d’Arles Award”.


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Volte-Face: Oliver Curtis is photographing against the tide

No matter how different they are, famous monuments and touristic attractions do have one thing in common. They are always the center of attention.

As a consequence, there are countless pictures of those attractions, that all look alike. Huge crowds of people gather around those monuments, with their cameras, smartphones and selfie-sticks, all trying to take a picture. A picture, that already exists a million times.

Not so, Oliver Curtis. Although he is standing in front of the same monuments, his lens is facing in the opposite direction.


Statue of Liberty, New York City


Taj Mahal, India

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2016 Environmental Photo Festival „horizonte zingst“


Coming very soon! From May 28 to June 05 2016 the annual Environmental Photo Festival „horizonte“ will take place for the eighth time at the idyllic Baltic Sea resort of Zingst. The event that lasts for ten days becomes a meeting point for photographers from all around the world and offers quite a lot: from photo workshops, multi-vision shows, diverse exciting photo exhibitions to popular and wonderful image shows in the evening, where the highlights of the day are captured in photographs and presented on screens by the sea. Beyond that, you can show your talent at numerous photo events, such as shows with birds of prey, or browse the photo market on the last weekend of the festival, or get informed on news.


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Photo London

Already got plans for May? Change them!


If you like to see what London has got to offer in matters of Photography, come see the Photo London art Fair. Supported by the LUMA Foundation it will present a special program for people interested in Photography. Photo London is an international photography Fair and a week-long celebration of photography across the city.
With special events and exhibitions it reaches out from its central campus at Somerset House to museums, galleries, clubs and many more.
Tours will be curated by tour leaders, ensuring that you experience a full range of all the Fair has to offer

The main event from 19-22 May will feature 90 exhibitors and 480 artists across 4 floors of Somerset House, with access to the Fair and 8 additional commissioned exhibitions and installations included in the price of the ticket.

So if you can make it to London on this weekend don´t miss out on this event! 😉