Children’s Dreams around the World – Chris de Bode

Being a princess, working as a vet, becoming an actress, swimming with whales as a marine biologist, founding an animal shelter, traveling around the world as a photographer… All these are the dreams I had or still have. Some of them, or at least parts of them, have already come true. Others most likely will never come true and yet they’re part of me and of the person I am.


Dewi lives in a slum in New Delhi, and wants to be a teacher when she’s grown up. (Photo: Chris de Bode)

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In Search of Inspiration: Paul Schneggenburgers “The Sleep of the Beloved”


Well before the blockbuster “Inception”, sleep has always fascinated humans. Even the ancient cultures tried to understand this phenomenon. If you believe some native tribes, it is possible to connect with supernatural beings like spirits of the ancestors or even look into the future while asleep. If you prefer scientific approach, sleep is nothing else but a sort of “defragmentation”, performed by our mind every single day. The information gathered during the day is processed, sorted out, and memorized under certain rules (long-term memory). It is certain that our consciousness is constrained in this state, but some things become clear after a good dose of sleep. The expression “to sleep on it” makes sense now, does’t it?. ;) Also our perception seems to be working at a different, mystical “frequency” in a sleep. Have you ever dreamt of someone you haven’t heard from in a long time and just to receive a call from them the next morning? But what happens to people who are very close, to lovers, while they are sleeping? Is it possible to capture this connection and express it visually? Paul Schneggenburger, the Viennese photographer, was trying to find the answer to that question in his project “The sleep of the beloved”.

Milena_Paul/ Der Liebenden Schlaf

© Paul Schneggenburger

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