Animals seen from below – Andrius Burba


First it was dogs under water, then it was dogs shaking their bones and cats jumping through the air, later on dogs catching a goodie and the most recent idea that’s fascinated animal fans from all around the world is called “Dogs seen from below”. Sometimes I really wonder why I don’t also have such great ideas. 😉

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18 years old, student of art and Instagram user

“I hate when I don’t have enough time to take photographs or when I don’t feel inspired. Sometimes I feel disappointed with myself when I realize I could do much better.”

This is a statement by the only 18-year-old girl Luisa Azevedo, who currently studies art in Lisbon and practices her greatest hobbies, photography and image editing.

Actually the 18-year-old comes from a small town in Portugal called Covilha, located near the highest mountain of the country. Most of her pictures were taken in that little town and their surroundings.

“To me, photography is a escape from reality, where I can develop my creative way of seeing the world.”

 At the age of 17, Luisa discovered photography at High School by using the internet platform Instagram and today she considers it to be a challenge for herself and a passion. Currently her account has more than 60,000 active followers – and the number is growing.


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Harlow & Sage – A dog friendship that touches the world

Rump Day

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True friendship doesn’t only exist between human-beings but also in the world of animals. I’m convinced of that. Gregarious animals in particular, which include dogs as well, often have intense social relationships with each other. The story of such a friendship is the one of Harlow, the Weimaraner bitch, and her friends. And it all started with the basset bitch Sage.

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Happy End for Pumpkin the Raccoon

It’s nothing new, that animals on Instagram are a huge success. We already told you about Mack the Pug and Gandalf the cat which travel the world and bring in a lot of money for their owners while doing that. Today we want to tell you about another furry star of Instagram: Pumpkin the Raccoon.


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“Fotos Frei Schnautze” – Funny dog portraits by Christian Vieler


Maybe the reason why I rarely discover fascinating photos taken by a German photographer is that I mainly catch up on the topic of photography on English websites. Therefore I’m even happier when I find excellent pictures shot by a fellow countryman.

The photographer I’d like to present to you today is Christian Vieler from Waltrop, Germany, who has been specializing on dog photography. His portfolio is brimful of impressive studio and outdoor portraits and action shots. The highlight, however, are those funny pictures showing the moment a dog tries to snatch a treat that’s been thrown to him. I’ve attached some image samples below.

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Sweet, sweeter, puppies


It seems to me that there are two groups of people: those who love cats and those who love dogs. I belong to the minority because I like both kinds of pets equally. However, I do so for different reasons. About cats I like the fact that they can be so full of contradictions – one moment they cuddle, the other moment they’re rebels who can’t be persuaded at all – and the fact that they always look so self-assured and carefree.

The thing I love about dogs is their unconditional devotion and friendship, and that they’re always ready to play and that they’re fairly perseverant while doing so. The last aspect holds especially true for puppies that don’t seem to know what exhaustion is.

During my last photo walk I noticed four of these sweet bundles of energy in a garden. I could have watched them playing for hours; but as I’d taken a couple of pictures through the wooden fence earlier, I didn’t want the owners or their neighbors to call the police because they might be thinking I was a freak or somebody worse. As photographers we’re often not aware of how strange we may look to others. 😛

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Animal Soul: Rob Bahou’s impressive portraits of dogs and cats


Dogs and cats are two of the most photographed motifs, which is why many photographers hold the view that they are boring. But just as you think that you’ve seen every possible cat or dog photo, you stumble upon images taken by a photographer, who puts a completely new spin on the topic. My latest discovery is the 22-year-old Jordanian photographer Rob Bahou, who has proven with his photo series “Animal Soul” once again, that the potential of the said motifs is truly endless. I find that the title of the series fits perfectly, given how Bahou has managed to capture our four-legged friends in such a way, that they appear surprisingly expressive and human-like.


© Rob Bahou

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Dogs and their stories


When one is taking photos of dogs one never gets bored. These balls of furry delight are always full of beans, and never to tired to play or cause mayhem. This little Sheltie mongrel desperately kept trying to get into the toy-store for minutes. First through the yard gate, then through the entrance of the shop.
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My four-legged Neighbors


For the most of you it’s nothing new that a large part of my motives und uploads are cats and dogs. But you don’t know, that almost all of those four-legged friends live in my neighborhood. It is really unusual not coming across with a new furry neighbor when I take a step outside. In Germany we are used to rigorous regulation and as a result pets must belong to someone. This is entirely different in Serbia. Here it is just as usual to own a dog – especially in the countryside – but in the cities you can find many stray dogs or “communal-dogs”. The first-mentioned form often packs in which single dogs differ in age, size and breed. It is not uncommon that Labrador-retrievers or rottweilers are accompanied by sausage dogs or pikeneses. “Communal-dogs” belong to nobody but they are fed and supplied by various families or the whole neighborhood. Among the cats the differences are significantly greater than in Germany. It is unusual that someone own a cat and it is rarer that someone keeps it in his own four walls. More common are abandoned cats or “communal-cats”. One ought to think that this concept can’t work but you underestimate the creativity and flexibility of the dogs and cats and the people’s generosity. Meanwhile I’ve purchased a food bowl too, which I stock up regularly. Especially then, when a new “neighbor” comes around to introduce himself. 🙂
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Overexposure Paranoia with the DP2 Quattro


Before you can shoot technically good photos with a new camera, you first have to familiarize yourself with it. You should follow your own instinct instead of listening to other people’s opinions. I made the mistake of relying too much on reviews – especially on the allegations of the Quattro having more dynamic range in the shadows but less in the highlights than the Merrills. Without having detected a DR problem on my first photo tour, I already started implementing a solution (underexposure) into my photographic approach on my second tour. I believe this is called a „solution to a problem that doesn’t exist“. 😉 As expected, I suffered a surprise when I edited my photos in SPP. The photos were pointlessly underexposed. If I had exposed them longer, the highlights still wouldn’t have been burned out. Had I exposed the photos just the way I usually do with the DP Merrills, I wouldn’t have had to increase exposure in SPP by 1EV, and thus increasing noise in the process. Well, I had to learn the hard way. 😉
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