Animals seen from below – Andrius Burba


First it was dogs under water, then it was dogs shaking their bones and cats jumping through the air, later on dogs catching a goodie and the most recent idea that’s fascinated animal fans from all around the world is called “Dogs seen from below”. Sometimes I really wonder why I don’t also have such great ideas. 😉

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Beauty and decay – Abandoned sites by Niki Feijen

There is something very fascinating and mystical thinking about , what will happen after the human species disappears. The human race, which dominates this planet like no other creature and which heavily affects it in its development and its appearance.

Since humans and their influence is so evident on planet Earth, it is almost impossible to imagine, what it will look like when they’ll be gone.
This might be the reason why Niki Feijens photos are so compelling and simply breathtaking. For years now, the Dutch Photographer is going on expeditions all over the world, in search of abandoned places. Long closed fairs, hospitals, hotels or even entire cities, Feijen finds those deserted sites and photographs them.


© Niki Feijen

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