Lensculture & Magnum Photo Award 2017


MAGNUM, a name everybody who even knows a bit about photography is familiar with. For decades Magnum has ranged among the most important and most influential photo agencies worldwide. Many of the most popular photographers are among the series of Magnum photographers and working under a contract for Magnum Photos surely is a great honor.

Magnum was founded in 1947, which means that the legendary agency will celebrate its 70th anniversary on 27 April this year. To celebrate this special event Magnum and Lens Culture Magazine are organizing a photo competition.

The Magnum Photography Award will give a chance to all photographic talents from all over the world to present their work on an international stage. We think this is a great idea, even the thought of having a chance to present your own pictures in connection with Magnum makes us all excited.

For a second time Magnum Photography and Lens Culture Magazine are aiming to discover the best photographers in the world. A jury is going to award all submitted photos, 12 winners and 20 finalists in 6 categories (documentary, street photography, portrait, fine art, photo journalism and open compositions).

On their website Magnum emphasizes what participating at an award-winning contest of such popularity actually means for your own photo. The images classified by the jury as top photos are shared with a public of 3.5 million people and in addition the winners can be happy with a publication of their own photo series. If that isn’t enough already, the works of the winners as well as those of the finalists and the jury’s favorites will be exhibited in London’s Photographer’s Gallery.

One part of the prize is getting access to Magnum workshops worldwide, which in our opinion is already a very good reason to take this incredible opportunity. 😉

Submission deadline is on 16 May 2017!

The infamous winning photo of the World Press Photo Award 2017


Burhan Ozbilici /AP /World Press Photo

Every year the Press Photo of the Year receives the World Press Photo Award. It’s not unusual that this particular award has stirred up some controversy.

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SIGMA searching for structure – Contest

SIGMA Germany has started this sunny week with a call on Facebook. Those of you who submit their nicest and most special favorite photo of a structure until this Monday, 20 Feb 2017, 6:00 p.m., can win even twice: According to the advertisement every photo will be published on the Facebook page and can be seen there many, many times. On the other hand the best photo will be awarded a great prize – the SIGMA 18-300mm f/3.5-6.3 DC Macro OS HSM Contemporary lens.

Here you can learn more about your prize made of glass.
By the way, you won’t find a lot of inspiration on the internet only. If you focus more on this topic, you’ll discover the most beautiful structures even in your everyday routine, on the street, while taking a walk in the city or in nature and even within your own four walls. So open your eyes and your lens cap – and shoot!

Here you can check the official call: https://www.facebook.com/SIGMAFoto/photos/a.112233122161079.17004.112043995513325/1377935508924161/?type=3&theater

A chance I surely don’t want to miss – and I hope neither do you! 😉 I wish you all good luck!


Geo Magazine Community pictures

The GEO Magazine is known for its fantastic photo series and extensive cover stories. The various topics range from sciences like medicine and biology to politics and traveling.

Every month the magazine’s editorial board looks for the best reader’s images. So every month the best 20 to 25 submitted photos get published on the GEO website with a little explanation as well as technical information. The best photo of this selection is printed in the journal every month. So – who would like to give it a try?

Fotogenerell929. 01.2016 Borderland  ©Carlo. S

“The image was taken on 12/29/2015 in the Arizona desert. In order to contrast the abandoned caravan with the dark desert ground I decided to illuminate it with the headlights of my rental car. I chose a bulb exposure of 15 seconds to achieve the interesting radiant cloud formation. Nikon D750 / focal length 14 mm aperture 8 / ISO 100 / gray filters / tripod” Location: Arizona / USA

Besides of  that,  there are also photo contests on the GEO website, where you can win everything from cameras to photo equipment – so this page is certainly worth  a visit!

Blog to win a Sigma DP1 Merrill!

For those of you who already forgot: in the Summer of 2011, in the context of Our World Tour promotion, Sigma Germany elected a “World Scout” and sent him on a round-the-world trip. The winner was Mario Dirks, who subsequently travelled 50 interesting destinations in 50 weeks with a SD1 and several Sigma lenses in his bag. He uploaded videos and photos on YouTube and Flickr and blogged about his adventures and the equipment he used to capture them on the Our-World-Tour blog. As of late, there is a contest to win a DP1 Merrill on the same blog. 😉


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