Frederik Buyckx

Winning the biggest photography competition in the world, this mainly means one thing: international fame, recognition and an incredible stage for one’s works. When you count among the ten photographers who are finally awarded with one of ten Sony World Photography category prizes, you know that you’ve successfully beaten thousands of other photographers worldwide. 227,595 photos were submitted this year and one of the lucky winners is 32-year-old photographer Frederik Buyckx from Belgium.


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Lensculture & Magnum Photo Award 2017


MAGNUM, a name everybody who even knows a bit about photography is familiar with. For decades Magnum has ranged among the most important and most influential photo agencies worldwide. Many of the most popular photographers are among the series of Magnum photographers and working under a contract for Magnum Photos surely is a great honor.

Magnum was founded in 1947, which means that the legendary agency will celebrate its 70th anniversary on 27 April this year. To celebrate this special event Magnum and Lens Culture Magazine are organizing a photo competition.

The Magnum Photography Award will give a chance to all photographic talents from all over the world to present their work on an international stage. We think this is a great idea, even the thought of having a chance to present your own pictures in connection with Magnum makes us all excited.

For a second time Magnum Photography and Lens Culture Magazine are aiming to discover the best photographers in the world. A jury is going to award all submitted photos, 12 winners and 20 finalists in 6 categories (documentary, street photography, portrait, fine art, photo journalism and open compositions).

On their website Magnum emphasizes what participating at an award-winning contest of such popularity actually means for your own photo. The images classified by the jury as top photos are shared with a public of 3.5 million people and in addition the winners can be happy with a publication of their own photo series. If that isn’t enough already, the works of the winners as well as those of the finalists and the jury’s favorites will be exhibited in London’s Photographer’s Gallery.

One part of the prize is getting access to Magnum workshops worldwide, which in our opinion is already a very good reason to take this incredible opportunity. 😉

Submission deadline is on 16 May 2017!

SIGMA Photo Safari update

Hey guys,

A couple of weeks ago I already told you about the annual lottery organized by SIGMA where one participant’s ticket for the SIGMA Photo Safari is drawn. At this safari the participants get the chance to take some impressive wildlife photos every day with high quality photographic equipment that will be rented.

In 2017 the journey will take us to the unique Masai Mara National Reserve in Kenya. There the participants will get the opportunity to learn everything about wildlife photography from an expert photographer.

In order to participate at the contest you needed to answer ten questions on the company’s website correctly and then upload your favorite photo. From a pool of all correct answers a professional jury has selected 16 finalists who now compete against each other in a voting. Maybe one of you has managed to convince the jury? Unfortunately I wasn’t that lucky this time but of course I will also join the voting.

The best thing to do is to check this website and pick your favorite!

Until 05 March 2017 you even have the chance of winning a SIGMA Art 18-35 F1.8 DC HSM lens after voting!

Even in 2017 it’s time again for a SIGMA Photo Safari

Even this year SIGMA continues its tradition and raffles one participant’s ticket for a fantastic Photo Safari. There the participants will get the chance of taking unforgettable photos of diverse impressive animals in the wild every day with a high-quality lens which is rented especially for this event.

In the past few years the destinations of the photo safari were Botswana, Namibia and South Africa. In 2017 the journey will take you to the unique Masai Mara National Reserve in Kenya. Masai Mara is one of the best areas for animal observation in Africa where photographers encounter an impressive variety of wild animals such as elephants, hippos, zebras and, of course, diverse wild cats. In the reserve the participants also get the chance of learning everything about wildlife photography. SIGMA Product Manager Harald Bauer and Kenya-based photographer Andreas Knausenberger will provide them with insights into the theory and practice and the real essence in this particular field of photography.

The thing that makes this year so very special is the fact that SIGMA has decided to raffle one participant’s ticket. The winner gets the chance of taking part in the entire safari worth about 4,000 Euros. In order to participate 10 questions need to be answered correctly on the company’s website. Moreover you’ll need to upload your favorite picture in order to vote for the final winner by choosing a photo. Among all the participants the prize of a SIGMA 18-300mm F3.5-6.3 DC Macro OS HSM | Contemporary lens will also be drawn.

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APOY 2016 – Penny Halsall is the winner


Photo by: Stuart Stevenson

I’m a big fan of all kinds of photo awards and competitions and I’m always looking forward to the moment they announce the winner. There is more than one reason for my enthusiasm, but one of the main reasons is definitely, that thanks to these awards and competitions I keep discovering inspiring photo artists.

A couple of days ago, the winner of the “Amateur photographer of the year award 2016” (APOY) was announced. This competition, which is sponsored by SIGMA Imaging UK, has eight monthly rounds, from March till October. The APOY competition took place for the 19th time this year and it all started with the decision of the Amateur Photographer Magazine to showcase all the amazing photographs they received by their readers.

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“The polar winter feeding feast“ – stunning underwater photography

After I still felt extremely cold in my warm wool coat and with my scarf, I simply had to realize that the summer has finally said good-bye for this year. However, Norwegian photographer and scientist Audun Rikardsen has proved us with his photos of whales and other Polar Sea animals how wonderful colder areas can actually be.



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Up for winter, snow and fantastic landscape pictures?


Now that the days get shorter and we have to take our warm jackets out of our closets and start drinking lots of tea again, summer is definitely over. So why not start thinking about winter already? And about the chance of winning a great weekend in a fantastic scenery to take photos for your blog?

For the cooperation “Best of Winter”, is looking for two teams of two who feel like visiting and shooting, among other things, in regions like the Alpine world of Karwendel, Eastern Tyrol, the Ammergau Alps, the Nature Park Reutte, Mallnitz in Carinthia as well as the Großarltal in the region of Salzburg.

So, attention landscape photographers – simply send three of our best photos and a short application text to and with a bit of luck you’ll win.


Since the first of October the winners of the Greenpeace Photo Award 2016 have been announced. On 11 nominees have presented their environment-themed photo projects to the public. The audience prize, which has been voted for by more than 19,000 visitors, was finally awarded and the winner will receive an amount of 10,000 Euros. Besides this, another two jury prizes were awarded by international experts. These are also worth 10,000 Euros each.

The prizes sponsored by Greenpeace are used by photographers to realize their projects. In 2017/18 the jury prizes will be published in GEO Magazine while the audience prize will be featured in Greenpeace Magazine.

MARIZILDA CRUPPE received the audience prize for her project “To live and to die for the rainforest”. The Brazilian photographer wants to accompany women fighting for the survival of the Amazon rainforest over a longer period of time. The result will be a multi-media project consisting of photos, videos, audio recordings and texts.

 For more information about the other winners please visit:


Photo Credit: Marizilda Cruppe

Fabulous science photography

Science can be so incredibly dry. That’s what I often thought during my studies. And I think everyone can understand what I mean. Well. This year’s competition for the best science photo, which takes place for the second time and is organized by the renowned British Royal Society, proves the opposite.

 The awarded photos look so fabulous and dreamy as if they’d been taken from a Disney movie. But take a look for yourselves – and get enchanted by the stunning beauty of science. Here I’ve chosen my favorites for you, but you can find more photos on the website of the Royal Society.

 Prizes were awarded in the following categories:

  • Behavior
  • Ecology and Environmental Sciences
  • Evolutionary Biology
  • Micro-imaging

Beyond that the overall winner was awarded as well. Deservedly. I think. Because Imre Potyó captured the flight of mayflies at night. The photo was taken at the Danube River in Hungary. While the stars, which we like to associate with a very big time span, shine in the background, these incredibly short-lived insects sparkle in the foreground.

Dancing with stars “The nuptial dance of mayflies” / Imre Potyó

bild2“In a world without colour” / Tane Sinclair-Taylor ( Category winner: Ecology and Environmental Science)

bild3“In balance“ / María Carbajo Sánchez (Category winner: Micro-imaging)

bild4“Departing eagle ray“ / Nick Robertson-Brown (Category winner: Evolutionary Biology)

bild5“In search of food“ / Jonathan Diaz-Marba  (2nd place winner in the category: Behavior)

bild6“Butterflies and caiman“ / Mark Cowan