Cool refreshments for hot summer days


What’s the secret for a nice summer evening with friends? Cool drinks in all colors and flavors.

Last time I took you along my baking procedure on a picturesque culinary tour. Today I’ll offer you some cool refreshment for hot summer days. And there’s nothing better for this than cool drinks. Fruity, fresh and cool drinks are the nicest change in summertime. Cocktails and lemonades don’t only taste great – they’ll catch your eyes when they are nicely prepared.


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Ange Ong‘s way to see or: Color dots from the Far East


When browsing my virtual magazine library which I’ve created over the last couple of years and which I love searching at least once every week while enjoying a strong espresso in the sun, this time I discovered some especially beautiful photographs.

They were taken by artist Ange Ong, who did her Master’s degree in art history in Chicago. Now she works in Brooklyn, New York, and, as she says on her website, from time to time in Hong Kong as well.

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Alex Nero


Colors, shapes, structures and contrasts have always fascinated me. Before I held my first camera in my hands at the age of seven, I spent a great part of my time painting, drawing and modeling clay. Even today I try to capture the magical interplay of an endless series of colors in my pictures.

The work from Ukraine-born New Yorkan photographer Alex Nero is a mix of chemistry, painting and digital photography. Bold colors, mystical shapes and breathtaking contrasts make his pictures compelling pieces of art that will completely spellbind you.

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New SPP 6.2 insights and many cat photos


As I’ve discovered recently SPP 5.5.3 is much faster than newer versions at processing Merrill X3Fs, but I find myself missing SPP6’s “color square”. IMO the older version has one additional advantage: its color rendition in regard to Merrill Foveon output is much better. When applying small color corrections, however, there is no way around the mildly speaking awkward “color sphere”. What I mean by that is that after all this time I still find it hard to remove a color cast with the sphere. Fortunately, as I’ve found out while processing my last batch of photos, which you can see below, SPP 6.2 is also able to eke out beautiful colors out of Merrill X3Fs. The most important thing is to manually tweak the settings, instead of trusting auto white balance.

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Photos from the previous Photo Tour with the DP2Q


Once again, I was out taking pictures with the Quattro – this time in very soft and flat light. On the whole, I am happy with the results. Slowly, it dawns on me how exactly I need to edit pictures taken under a cloudy sky. For me, the difficulty so far was to correctly adjust white balance and saturation in order to make colors appear lively but still realistic. In the past, I often made the mistake of adding or leaving in a little yellowness, as if it were pictures taken on a sunny day in the shade. Sometimes, I didn’t nail it at all to remove the tint with the infamous color ball in SPP 5. With SPP 6 and the color square this works out far better. 😉 The rest – saturation, hue and color luminance – I edit in Lightroom, after having exported the photos as 16 bit TIFFs from SPP. Besides orange and yellow, as outlined here, I meanwhile also experiment with  green and blue. I pull the sliders till I’m happy with the result.

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Camera as a new fashion accessory?


Whenever I have some spare time, I make myself a cup of coffee or tea and indulge in the practice of reading threads on new photography equipment. I find it very relaxing just to be exploring newest technologies. It’s like modern version of those famous breakfast scenes from Hollywood movies.  Family gathered around the table, someone reads sports article, the other person daily news and kids are occupied with newspaper cartoons.  They all have toasts with butter and jelly and drink an orange juice. Simply wonderfull!

What really strikes me about those threads are products in all the colors of the rainbow and people’s comments about rather simple, not so cool looking models. Quite often some poster would say “ugly… wouldn’t buy it!!!”

So I ask myself when did the camera become a fashion accessory?



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