A night walk with the SIGMA 24-105mm F4 DG OS HSM | Art

As some of you may already know, I belong to the persons who experience wanderlust like very ordinary emotional chaos. At almost every hour at day and at night I’d love to hop on the next plane and explore new worlds. The destination itself isn’t even important for me – the main thing is getting away.


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Easter in China


It was time for me again to leave home for exploring unknown, faraway places. As you already know me, my camera and me are used to simply hop on the next train, bus or plane in order to travel to other countries.

This time, through mere coincidence than big considerations, we travelled to China. (I would like to thank at this point all the travel websites that enabled me to find very easily the best offers in such a short time).

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Ren Hang – Remembering a great photographer


On 23 February 2017 the sad news of Ren Hang’s death was published in many different art magazines and newspapers. The Chinese photographer, who with his emotional, special and highly aesthetic analogue photographs counts among the most prominent representatives of the new, word-renowned generation of photographers, died at the early age of 29.

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Tip: Tao Liu’s provocative and humorous Street Photos from Hefei


Had someone searched for the name Tao Liu on Google four months ago, the search request most likely wouldn’t have yielded any search results. The 32-year-old water meter reader – who meticulously documents the city life during lunch breaks and after work – was at that time only another hobby photographer, capable of capturing brilliant street photographs. He became an internationally known representative of the street photography genre practically overnight, when at beginning of October Life Week magazine shared his provocative and humorous street photos on Weibo (Chinese Twitter). Within 24 hours that Tweet was shared 40,000 times and the news about Liu’s viral photos subsequently aired by Chinese Central Television TV channel.

What I like about Liu’s photos the most, is that he is holding a mirror to the Chinese society, which in its growth frenzy has ignored many of its problems far too ling. For the purpose of a reality check we Europeans would also need many such photographers, because in Europe one also tends to sweep the problems under the carpet, instead of solving them.


© Tao Liu

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