Unique pictures taken by Andreas Lie


Andreas Lie achieved international fame and popularity with his double exposure series “Norwegian Woods”. This wonderful series shows animals that harmonize with Norway’s scenery. Snow-covered mountains and thick fir woods become the fur of the regional wild animals such as wolves, foxes and deer.

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Alex Nero


Colors, shapes, structures and contrasts have always fascinated me. Before I held my first camera in my hands at the age of seven, I spent a great part of my time painting, drawing and modeling clay. Even today I try to capture the magical interplay of an endless series of colors in my pictures.

The work from Ukraine-born New Yorkan photographer Alex Nero is a mix of chemistry, painting and digital photography. Bold colors, mystical shapes and breathtaking contrasts make his pictures compelling pieces of art that will completely spellbind you.

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Pieter Hugo


The life of another person is definitely a mystery to an outsider. Looking at it from a distance, one can of course imagine what the life of another person looks like. One might even be able to get to know the surface of this particular life, be it through conversations or maybe just by observations through the Social Media platforms. Although people are said to become more transparent over the last few years, what the lives of others really look like is still and will probably always be a mystery. Even more so, when this “other person” belongs to a different culture, or is part of what is known as the margins of society.

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Zack Seckler makes you ready for summer and laugh out loud


By chance I happened to come across and got stuck with Zack Seckler . Seckler’s got humor, a lot of humor. You can notice this at first sight. And he’s got an extraordinary image style. His photos express something bizarre, something fantastic. And the colors are creamy like ice cream.

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Unnoticed at his own exhibition

Anton Corbijn is one of the very great photographers of our time. For decades he’s been taking pictures of the most popular and most famous artists. His clients all have big names, ranging from the Rolling Stones to U2, from Naomi Campbell to Kate Moss and from Johnny Depp to Cameron Diaz.

Not long ago his exhibition “Anton Corbijn. Retrospektive Hollands Deep & 1-2-3-4” could be seen at the C/O in Berlin. The exhibition was really impressive and absolutely worth visiting. There were many visitors and admirers but the artist himself remained unnoticed. For a very, very long time he kept standing in the center of his exhibition and I could see how the people were passing by one after another, raving about his photos without even looking at him once. In the photo he’s the man with the scarf standing further behind who’s staring at his cellphone.

What could be the reason that nobody has an image of this great artist? Is that only the case with him, or do people simply not know the face behind the camera? Who can tell the faces of Anton Corbijn or Helmut Newton, who knows what Peter Lindbergh and Elliott Erwitt look like?