An espresso, sun and colorful houses

Easter, according to a recent newspaper report, is supposed to be the best season to visit Venice and its little nearby islands. “Venice… First time here?” somebody asked me. No. For another time. But this time only beautiful Venezia wasn’t enough – after the gray winter I was longing for as many colors as possible. That’s why I took the ferryboat to Burano. This island can already be seen from far away. The leaning clock tower and the colorful houses of the tiny village on the island spread their colors into the distance.


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Dinara Kasko combines architecture and desserts


Architecture and desserts aren’t really two topics relating to each other at first sight. At least that’s what I’ve thought till I saw Dinara Kasko’s incredible desserts. The photos of her creations are shared all around the world, her Instagram account is booming. Some of her works may not look very appetizing in the beginning but rather nice to look at. But in her videos the artist shows you what the contents of her masterpieces actually is, making you quite hungry for some chocolate and other desserts.

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A photo walk in the evening with the 50mm F1.4 DG HSM | Art lens

This afternoon I got hold of the 50mm F1.4 DG HSM | Art lens and of course I had to test it right away!
After some arrangements I could finally start off, install the lens on my camera and go on a tour with it. The last few times I was always out in the country and that’s why today it was time again to discover a fairly urban area. First I kept wandering through the university quarter that is totally new and straight-lined, very modern and clearly structured. Easy prey for architecture photographers. I don’t belong to those and that’s why after a while I kept walking ahead to an amusement park. I love the colorful lights and the atmosphere at such places. 🙂


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When the sun smiles Aperture 8…


…or not 🙂 If the light is good, I am fine with any aperture. Even f2.8., the widest aperture of the DP2 Merrill. And why not, if the lens is already breathtakingly sharp and free of any optical flaws even at wide open aperture? Aperture 8 should only be used if more depth of field is needed.

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